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7 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

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Author: Roanna Rose

Article source: Used with author's permission.

1. When ordering invitations have them printed using the thermography method which costs only a fraction of the engraving method. You will also have many more choices of designs and papers when using thermography.

2. Have your invitations printed in black ink which is already included in the cost. There will be an additional charge for each type of item printed in colored ink or foil. When ordering invitations, reception cards, response cards, informals, etc. you can easily save $30 to $50 or more on the total cost.

3. Print your reception information at the bottom of the invitation. Center the reception location and address below the invitation wording for no extra cost. Put the information in one or both of the lower corners as a "corner copy" for an extra $10 to $25. This is a huge savings over ordering separate reception cards as invitation inserts.

4. Order your informals (thank-yous) when ordering your invitations. Choose informals which match your invitations and have your names printed in one line on the front of the card leaving the inside blank for your personal notes to gift givers. For even greater savings, order blank thank-yous from the invitation company in quantities to match the number of your invitations (or more). Compare prices and you'll often find ordering thank-yous from the invitation companies less expensive than purchasing the packaged notes from the big discount stores.

5. Calculate the number of invitations you'll need very carefully. The most expensive invitations are the first 25-50. The price falls drastically for each additional 25. If in doubt order an extra 25. When ordering additional invitations later, you'll also incur additional shipping charges and colored ink charges if not using black ink. Not to mention the extra days you will have to wait for delivery which may delay the mailing of your invitations to your guests.

6. Save the cost of a calligrapher by having someone with pretty penmanship address your invitations or have the envelopes printed using your computer. Order extra envelopes (both inner and outer) with your invitations so you will have plenty in case of handwritten or printer mistakes.

7. Have an "invitation party" and ask friends and family to help you assemble your invitations. Hiring someone for this purpose might be an expense you can easily avoid.

Author Roanna Rose has owned a full service bridal shop for more than 20 years. In 1997, the business was extended to the internet when the web site was created showcasing prom dresses and wedding party dresses.

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