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9 Halloween Wedding Theme Favors

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Author: Rose Smith

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Not everyone elects to have a traditional wedding. Some love the fun and excitement of Halloween and want to share their favorite holiday with others with a marriage ceremony. Just like those "trick or treaters" that arrive at your door, your wedding guests also deserve a special treat. Here are 9 ideas for wedding favors that you can present to your guests when celebrating your Halloween themed wedding.

Trick or Treat Bags

Since it's Halloween, fill small paper trick or treat bags with the orange foil covered chocolate pumpkins and other candies.

Halloween Candles

You can purchase some very interesting molded Halloween candles in a variety of shapes and sizes (like pumpkins, ghosts, haunted houses, etc.). Wrap up in orange tulle and tie with black curly ribbon.

Cauldron of Pumpkins

Fill small, black plastic cauldrons with orange foil-wrapped chocolate pumpkins.

Pumpkin Jars

If you're on the crafty side, make candy filled pumpkin jars. First, you'll need to collect some baby food jars. Paint pumpkins around the glass with craft paint. Cover the top with orange felt and glue two felt leaves to the top. Add a small piece of dowel, painted light brown, for a stem. Fill the jar with candies.

Orange Net Favors

Cut 6" circles of tulle in orange and black colors. Place either candies or a small votive candle in each circle. Gather and tie off with the opposite color of ribbon. (Orange ribbon, black tulle and black ribbon, orange tulle.)

Wizard's Wand

Buy 1" diameter dowels and cut into 12" lengths. Paint dowels a deep purple. Apply gold stickers in shapes of stars, moon and sun. Seal with acrylic sealer. Add gold and purple streamers tied to one end. Attach a favor tag with your names and wedding date that says: "The power of our love creates a magical world. Thank you for joining us in this mystical night."

Witches Broom

Buy small straw brooms (available in craft stores). Wrap black and orange ribbon down the handle and tie a black bow just above the broom. Add some autumn colored silk leaves and dried flowers tucked in and glued around the bow.

Pumpkin Butter

Purchases small jars of pumpkin butter. It's like pumpkin pie in a jar and it's great on biscuits and crackers.

Miniature Pumpkin Pies

Check with a local baker to see if you could have miniature pumpkin pies made. Wrap in cellophane and tie with orange/black ribbons. Simple, unique and delicious!

Rose Smith is the owner of Wedding Themes and More, a website designed to help you discover and plan your perfect theme wedding. Planning a Halloween wedding? Then visit our site at: for more great ideas.

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