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A glimpse into Traditional Hindu Wedding and Invitation Cards

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Author: alorawhite

Hindu wedding is known for its unique customs and rituals. Getting married in traditional Indian style or witnessing a Hindu wedding is a memorable experience. It will make you realize that it is not a simple union of man and woman; it is a bond that will tie them together for next seven births.

The bride & groom take up vow in an enchanting environment of religious hymn to stand by each other in thick and thin. Dressed in expensive traditional attire the couples take seven circles around the sacred fire (known as Pheras). With each round, they take vows to follow the religious path; do right means to earn wealth; help poor and needy people, protect home and family; provide good education to children, promise to stand by each other; respect and love each other unconditionally. The religious ceremony gives a new meaning to the wedding and brings couples closer. This is the reason people are coming to India to tie the knot in traditional Hindu custom.

The gathering in Indian wedding is huge it is something that you will not see in other wedding. In India joint family's exits, so it is important to invite relatives and their relatives too, then there are friends and neighbors. Utmost care is taken to make sure that no one is missed out.

Shadi Invitation cards are used for cordially inviting guests for the occasion. Generally the bride & groom's family deliver the wedding invitation cards personally; it is posted only if the invitees are very far. The people get the first glimpse about the wedding through invitation cards. The beauty and magnificence of the marriage invitation card will give a picture on what to expect from the marriage. Getting a card that justifies the occasion may be difficult in your city, but checking online wedding invitation card store may be a good idea.

Online Indian wedding invitation cards shops have a rich variety of traditional Hindu Indian wedding cards. India is land of diversities and every community has own customs and beliefs. In online stores, you will get cards exclusively designed as per the Hindu traditions. The card come in colors & patters considered to be auspicious, religious symbols, verses from respective holy religious books along with matching envelope. The websites of online Indian card store are easy to navigate; click icons of the cards to view it from different angles. They provide easy customization facility, so it gives an option to incorporate own ideas to make a dream card for wedding.

Online Indian Wedding Invitations shops have a rich variety of traditional Hindu Indian Wedding Card.

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