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A Short History of the Origins of Wedding Favors

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Author: Elizabeth Cuadrado

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Wedding Favors date back several centuries. Originally, they were only given by the upper classes. The Europeans, especially the Italians and French used to give out "bonbonnieres" to their guests. These were fancy small boxes made of crystal, porcelain, or metal and sometimes decorated with precious stones. They were filled with bonbons or confectionery delicacies which during those times were considered to be a luxury. Since weddings were thought to be a lucky occasion, the gesture of giving wedding favors represented the bride and groom sharing the magical luck with their guests.

Later, the tradition spread to other social classes. Many couples began giving almonds beautifully wrapped in fabric. It was believed that 5 almonds represented fertility, health, wealth, happiness, and longevity. In more modern times, almonds were replaced by "Jordan Almonds" which are candy coated almonds. They now continue to be a very popular traditional wedding favor.

In modern times, wedding favors have grown to become an important part of the wedding reception. These may greatly vary according to culture, social stature, and tastes. Wedding favors are as unique as each married couple. Some couples may continue to prefer the more traditional wedding favors, others choose theme-related favors, and yet others decide to give practical gifts. Traditional wedding favors would usually include either Jordan Almonds or other candies placed inside small boxes or containers or wrapped with fancy fabric and ribbons. Some theme related examples would include a romantic theme, Cinderella or fairytale theme, spring or garden theme, beach or summer theme, fall theme, winter or Christmas theme, wine theme, and more. Practical wedding favors include coasters, chrome or silver bottle stoppers and openers, letter openers, salt and pepper shakers, cookie cutters, candles, soaps, and much more.

Today, all married couples can afford to express their thanks and give wedding favors to their families and friends since there is such a wide variety to fit every style and budget.

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