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Advice on Wedding Rings

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Almost all brides wear a wedding ring. Double ring ceremonies are also very popular. The choice of styles for wedding rings is virtually limitless. You may want to try several jewellers before making your final decision, so start looking at least 12 to 16 weeks before your wedding date.

If the bride is wearing an engagement ring, the selection of wedding rings must centre around that ring. She may know exactly what she wants!

There may be a ready match available, or it may be necessary to try on dozens of rings to find the one that is most suitable. In some instances, the bride's wedding ring may have to be custom-made. This is where a reliable jeweller is essential. Doubtless he will have many suggestions - let his years of experience and trained eye guide you in your choice.

Where the groom is also going to wear a wedding ring, many couples think in terms of a matched set. This may again entail a lengthy search, to find the set which pleases both of you. So be careful not to fix on the word "matched". If the bride's wedding ring is to complement her engagement ring, there may not be a manly match for the groom. He will have to find his own style, which pleases him and suits his hand.

At present, rings in yellow gold are the most popular, but they are also available in white gold, two-tone yellow and white; in 9ct., 18ct., 22ct., or platinum. Traditional or modern, with diamonds or coloured stones, engraved or bright polished. Thick or thin, wide or narrow - the choice is yours. One last pointer, for comfort and safe-keeping make sure you get the correct fit. Day in, day out, year after loving year, no other piece of apparel can compete with the hours you wear your wedding ring.

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