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Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

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The most popular non-vegetarian Indian Catering dishes
Indian Catering is enjoying ever-increasing popularity in the UK, this is not surprising when the Chicken Tikka Masala has been voted one of the nations favourite foods.

Wedding Inspiration from Around the World…
Fancy incorporating some traditions from elsewhere in the world into your big day? Here are our favourites....

Unitarian Wedding Ceremonies
Looking for greater freedom and flexibility with your religious ceremony?

Weddings in Scotland
From the romantic legends to the stunning scenery, in many couples' minds, Scotland is the ultimate location for the perfect wedding - whether it's over the anvil in Gretna Green or in an historic Highlands' castle.

Jewish Wedding Ceremonies
The Jewish faith - only eight per cent of whose members live in Europe - is made up of three main strands: Orthodox Jewish, Liberal Jewish and Reform Jewish. The Orthodox Jews are the strictest. A Jewish marriage ceremony combines the legal and religious elements of marriage in a ceremony - there's no need for a separate register office ceremony. Orthodox rabbis will not marry an inter-faith couple - it's usually required that the non-Jewish person converts to Judaism.

Humanist Wedding Ceremonies
Humanist weddings are increasing in number each year. They are popular with people who have no religious affiliations, but who want to enter into a public committed marital relationship.

Hindu Weddings
The Hindu marriage usually occurs in the bride's town or city. Traditionally, it is organised and paid for by the bride's parents. For Orthodox Hindus, mixed marriage is considered inappropriate; for others, it is possible to marry someone of a different religion without either partner having to convert. The bride is known as the Dulhan, the groom as the Dulha.

Greek Orthodox Wedding
The Greek Orthodox faith shares a common source with Catholicism, from which it split in 1054, when the eastern people of the Byzantine Empire refused to recognise the overall authority of the Pope, and formed their own branch of the religion. Currently in the UK, there are approximately 30,000 Greek Orthodox from mainland Greece with a further 300,000 Cypriots of the same faith.

Civil Weddings and Civil Ceremonies
There are many reasons why you might choose a civil wedding. Perhaps you have no religious beliefs, you're getting married for the second time, or you want to get married somewhere a bit different. Whatever the reason, this handy guide will help you organise a civil ceremony.

Church of England Weddings
There is a lot more involved in a Church of England wedding ceremony, than you may think Your first point of call if you wish to be married in a Church is to arrange to see your minister to discuss your marriage. All British citizens have the right get married in the parish church of the town where they are resident or in the church where either of the couple are on the church's electoral roll.

Catholic Weddings
The Roman Catholic Church has strict rules on marriage. It is now more or less the only mainstream Christian church which does not allow the remarriage of divorcees.

Buddhist Weddings
There is no set wedding service in the Buddhist faith, as the Buddha (founder of the religion) did not consider marriage to be a sacred ceremony. Instead, marriage is considered a social rather than religious occasion. The Buddha stated only that marriage should be based on deep mutual respect between partners and that it should be a partnership of equals (a remarkably progressive standpoint, bearing in mind the low status of women in India at the time). Buddhists can marry anyone from any religion and their union should be a harmonious blend of the differing strengths and abilities of the man and woman.

Blessing Ceremonies
While many couples are opting out of the church in favour of a civil wedding, a large number are still hanging onto the blessing - an integral part of many religious ceremonies. And it's quite easy to see why…

Muslim Weddings
Islam, the worlds second largest religion, after Christianity, was founded by the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century A.D. It is still the leading faith in the Arab world, as well as most of the Middle East. Islam is much more than a religion; it also supplies the guiding principles of political and social life as well.

Weddings Las Vegas: Popular Ceremonies
Are you looking for a las Vegas chapel to make your wedding dreams come true? Chances are you will find it here with Weddings Las Vegas and its many exciting options and packages to choose from. From a simple ceremony in your hotel room to a lavish affair at one of these dynamic locations, your exchange of vows will become permanently etched in the memories of everyone present as a thing of beauty that lasts forever.

The Wide Range of Maui Wedding Ceremonies
Whatever your religious affiliation, or whatever you'd like to experience, there is a Maui wedding ceremony that will suit you. A lot of people prefer the traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony and there is an interesting tale to tell about that.

Wedding Ceremonies – Ideas for Non-Religious Ceremonies
Gone are the days when all wedding ceremonies were conducted in religious surroundings and required the blessing of God. Whilst the majority of people still opt for a traditional ceremony, more and more people are looking at new and innovative ways to get married.

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