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At Last! What To Expect From Your Wedding Planner

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Author: Tom Downward

Article source: Used with author's permission.

A wedding planner works mostly by appointment. The bride, groom and mother of the bride may spend five hours meeting with a wedding planner and may contract services totaling 40 hours. The total time depends on what you, the Bride and family, want them, the wedding planner, to do.

For example, you may have asked your wedding planner to handle only some of the services needed for the wedding, such as only the reception. Or you may have asked your wedding planner to be involved in the selection and purchase of the bridal gown. In another instance you may have asked your wedding planner to coordinate all the events of the wedding day itself, a process that takes significantly more hours. Each client's needs are different. Wedding planners do much of their work by contract and as needed, use their phone, and a car continuously and or vehicle that can transport and deliver a wide array of wedding supplies. Wedding planners spend a great deal of their time working inside and outside their office.

They often are asked to shop with clients or for them, check decorations, and look at sites of weddings and receptions. Many couples marry in parks, hotels, and homes, as well as in churches. The consultant will constantly review each potential wedding site to ensure facilities meet their client expectations. The wedding and all its different aspects need to happen perfectly. If you want to know more - just ask you're wedding planner. You'll be happily surprised by how down-right helpful they can be.

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