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Benefits Of Wedding Reception Dollar Dances

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Author: Dawn Dingus

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Wedding reception dollar dances require the bride and groom to slow-dance with each guest who is willing to pay a dollar or more for the honor of sharing in a special dance with one of the newlyweds. There are several benefits to hosting dollar dances during your wedding reception. Learn how to host Dollar Dances and discover several reasons why you should consider this fun idea as an option for your wedding celebration.

Hosting Dollar Dances During Your Wedding Reception
The first step to hosting dollar dances is to discuss your intentions with your disc jockey or musicians, and your wedding coordinator, if applicable. The DJ or musicians should plan to play a series of slow songs for the dances. This is a great opportunity for the bride and groom to select their favorite slow songs to be played.

The best time to begin the dollar dances is shortly before or after the cutting of the wedding cake. The DJ/musician should make an announcement to inform guests that dollar dances are about to begin and explain that guests may choose to pay a dollar or more to share in a special slow-dance with the bride or groom. Gentleman should be asked to form a line near the Maid of Honor on one side of the dance floor, while ladies form a line near the Best Man on the opposite side of the dance floor. The Maid of Honor should stand beside the Bride and collect a minimum of one dollar from each gentleman that wishes to dance with the bride. Bridesmaids and the Flowergirl should stand near the Maid of Honor and assist by organizing the line and by greeting each gentleman as he waits for his turn to dance with the bride. Meanwhile, the Best Man should stand beside the Groom and collect a minimum of one dollar from each lady that wishes to dance with the groom. Groomsmen, Ushers and the Ring Bearer should stand near the Best Man and assist by organizing the line and by greeting each lady as she waits for her turn to dance with the groom.

As the first slow song begins to play, the Maid of Honor should direct the first gentleman in line to begin dancing with the Bride. At the same time, the Best Man should direct the first lady in line to begin dancing with the Groom. Each guest should be given between thirty seconds and one minute to dance, but not for the duration of an entire song. Once each guest's alotted time has expired, the next guest in line should be directed to kindly interrupt so that they may dance with the newlywed. Slow songs should continue to play and guests should continue to kindly interrupt until there is no one left in either line. Allow the last guest in each line to dance until the current song ends. The Best Man and Maid of Honor should place the collected money in the bridal purse or other place for safe-keeping, as a gift for the Bride and Groom from their guests.

Benefits of Wedding Reception Dollar Dances
One of the most obvious benefits of Dollar Dances is the financial aspect. Whether there are 50 or 500 guests at the reception, the financial benefits can be quite helpful. The money collected from Dollar Dances is a gift to the bride and groom that may be used for wedding expenses, the honeymoon, household necessities or other expenses. With the cost of weddings continually on the rise, any amount can make a difference.

The second benefit of Dollar Dances is the opportunity to personally greet and mingle with guests. While efforts are made throughout the reception to visit with guests, one prominent complaint by wedding guests is that they did not get to interact with the bride and groom as much as they had hoped. This is a legitimate concern. Wedding guests designate time to share in the wedding ceremony and celebration. They bare the expenses of transportation, attire, a wedding gift, and sometimes even food and lodging. When keeping up with the event schedule and all of the excitement of the day, it can be difficult to allot one-on-one time with guests. While it is your special day, it is important to take time to say Thank You and acknowledge friends and loved ones for their support. It is equally important that guests leave your celebration feeling that they have truly shared your special day with you. Dollar Dances offer those opportunities while creating a light-hearted mood and a great setting to take some fun photographs that will surely be cherished.

Another benefit of hosting Dollar Dances during your wedding reception is to encourage all of your guests to get up and dance! It is true, many guests do not need any coaxing to get them dancing. When the music starts, they're moving! But there are some who do not have a partner or they simply do not know how to fast-dance. Dollar Dances resolve these issues because the bride or groom will be their dance partner and the dance will be slow. Interacting with guests in this manner can help prevent them from feeling left out.

Some have referred to wedding reception Dollar Dances as tacky or a way to get more money out of wedding guests. The option is yours to choose. But with all monetary benefits aside, the benefits of personally greeting and thanking guests, the quality one-on-one time and joy to be shared during those special dances, and the fun photos to be cherished for years to come make this interactive idea worthy of consideration.

Dawn Dingus, author - Copyright 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Dawn Dingus is an experienced wedding planner and a content writer for Shop at for personalized gifts for all occasions, custom wedding accessories, jewelry, personalized unity and gift candles, favors, decor and more!

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