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Bridal Lingerie

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Wedding Lingerie Honeymoon in Paradise
There are many things to remember in preparation for your wedding day. Of the many items you can't forget, your wedding lingerie is very important. Getting the most out of your big day is all about taking advantage of every experience. This includes the honeymoon. But there is more to your lingerie than the honeymoon.

Lingerie Party Ideas: Tips to Help Break the Ice
Are you in the process of planning that last special party for the soon to be bride? Before you go strait to the "good stuff", you may want to break the ice with some fun and games. Not only will people feel more comfortable but the event itself will be much more memorable...

Bridal Lingerie and the Trousseau: Reviving a Romantic Tradition
Bridal lingerie can be a thoughtful and lovely gift for any bride. Today's selection of bridal lingerie runs the gamut from classic and elegant to racy and revealing. While nowadays, we think nothing of giving these garments as a gift, the presentation of bridal lingerie has had significant symbolic meaning in the past.

Bridal Lingerie - What is Right for You
Bridal Lingerie.....what to wear! Do you go daring or do you ensure your Bridal Lingerie is comfy?

Finding The Honey In Honeymoon Lingerie
Imagine the scene: Your bedroom is illuminated with the smoldering glow of a hundred scented candles, you have soft music playing in the background, and the champagne is chilling.

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