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Bridal Showers

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Author: Elsie Gilbert

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Bridal showers are a great tradition that is part of the wedding process. Traditionally, bridal showers are rather large affairs where some, if not all, of the women involved in the wedding planning get together to offer advice and presents to the bride to be.

Bridal Showers - The Basics

Bridal showers do not need to be fancy affairs; in fact modern trends suggest that bridal showers are becoming more intimate affairs where the price per head is higher, but so is the quality!

There is no set time that bridal showers should take place, but generally they occur towards the beginning of the planning process. This is a good idea as the bride will have the opportunity to gain advice on how to go about her wedding plans.

Bridal Showers - Main Considerations

One of the first things that you need to consider when arranging bridal showers is what the main purpose of your gathering will be. For example, you may want to arrange a bridal shower that is relatively close to the big day and focuses on pampering and relaxing with the girls!

Others opt for bridal showers that are towards the beginning of the planning process so that they can ask for help and advice. This type of bridal shower, whilst offering the bride a huge information gathering opportunity, is a little more like a board meeting than a relaxing break.

Try to decide early on how many people will be attending your bridal shower and what sort of celebration they would enjoy. If you have several groups of friends that you do not feel will all be catered for in one event, you could consider multiple bridal showers. This way, you can have a more traditional type bridal shower early on in the process as well as a more relaxing pre-wedding event.

Bridal Showers - Novel Ideas

Why not indulge yourself with a sport or hobby that you really enjoy, for example you could go horse trekking for the day, or hit the mall!

Try to resist the temptation of attempting to please everyone. As a bridal shower is often the first things planned, it provides a great opportunity to work out who is likely to take the organizational lead, and for you as the bride to stake your claim as the main decision maker. If you find that you allow other to make the decision about the bridal shower you may find that the same people continue to take the lead in other aspects of your wedding planning. State your position early on; it will help avoid arguments, later on in the process.

Bridal showers are, by definition, all about the bride so stay focused on pleasing yourself!

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