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Choosing a Bridal Shower Gift

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Author: Trish Burrell

Article source: Used with author's permission.

You're excited about the bridal shower, but aren't sure what gift to select. Don't panic. There are several ways to choose the perfect item. Let's take a look.

The registered couple Many times the couple will register their wishes at one or more department stores. This information is often included in the bridal shower invitation. It is very helpful. It will give you an idea of their style, enable you to choose a gift within your budget, and also help avoid duplicate gifts.

What if there is no list? Use common sense. A young couple just starting out will need all the basics. Towels, sheets, and kitchen items are just some of the necessities. The host/hostess may have an idea of preferred colors. If this is an older couple, perhaps a second marriage, they probably have most of the day-to-day items. Something for the honeymoon is a great idea. Another option is to select a gift for their favorite sport or hobby.

What if you don't know the couple that well? Try to get an idea from the host/hostess. Ask questions about their colors, style, and needs.

What do you purchase for a theme bridal shower? A theme bridal shower is the latest trend. The invitation for this type of party, will often tell you to bring a theme-related gift. For example, for a beach party, you could bring beach towels, a lounge chair, or a picnic basket. You can expect to see a variety of gifts at a theme party, so use your imagination. That's part of the fun.

Any other ideas? A gift certificate is always acceptable. Here are some ideas to choose from:
bed and bath shop
day spa
furniture store
grocery store
home improvement store
movie tickets
sporting event

Copyright Trish Burrell, All Rights Reserved . This article may be reprinted, with all information, authors bio, and hyperlinks intact.

Trish Burrell is founder of Bridal Shower Ideas For You. Visit this informational site on all areas of bridal shower planning, at

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