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Choosing a Site for Your Wedding

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Author: Brenda Daube

Article source: Used with author's permission.

One of the first decisions you and your fiancÚ will make following your engagement will be the location of your wedding. There are so many locations available that the decision can seem overwhelming. Many couples decide to have their wedding ceremony in a church, followed by a reception at a different location. Others have their ceremony and reception at the same location. It is very popular today for wedding ceremonies and receptions to be held in private homes, at poolsides, in a garden, a hotel banquet room, and in a natural scenic setting. To assist you in selecting a location, we will take a brief look at each one of these. However, I am certain whichever location you choose your wedding day will be the most beautiful day of your life!

At Home: Wedding ceremonies that take place at the home of a special friend or family member are truly wonderful and are usually filled with a cozy warmth you may not find elsewhere. Just remember to first check with your religious institution to make certain it will recognize a non-church wedding ceremony. Also pay attention to the number of invitations you plan to send out, since the seating will be limited. I would also keep the decorations and refreshments to a minimum since the setting may be more confined than other locations, and these items usually take up a good deal of space. Keep it simple, and it will be magnificent. Make certain to use your local bakery and catering service for your home wedding, as the entire community will want to be a part of your celebration. To thank your guests for sharing your special day with them I suggest wedding favors, which are very popular today, but are not always easy to find within smaller communities. A very large and popular collection of wedding favors is found at Royal Wedding Favors, an Internet based wedding favor business that offers unique and elegant wedding favors to fit every budget. Please take a look at our wonderful collection located at

At Poolside: A reception planned for the poolside will truly be a special event. This allows you to bring out all the tropical and beach themed items on the market today, and there are many to choose from at You will definitely want a bar set up serving tropical drinks. Your decorations should be bright and breezy. Float tropical flowers in the pool, or hand out leis to your guests, and when evening comes float lighted candles in the pool and on your reception tables in bowls. Make certain to anchor lightweight items with shells or other item of your choosing, so the wind will not blow them away. I believe buffet style food stations will be best for your poolside event, using non-breakable items if possible. Then, relax and enjoy! This is one of the most fun and creative settings you can choose, and your guests will remember it forever.

In a Banquet Room: Banquet rooms are the perfect location for weddings and receptions for larger crowds. Banquet rooms whether they are located in hotels, country clubs, mansions or museums are very popular, so it would be best to book this location as early as possible. The good thing about these large rooms is that it is quite easy to decorate using just about any theme. You can choose to be as simple or as elegant as you want; however, a good rule of thumb is the larger the room the more extravagant the decorations should be. A sit down dinner is ideal for a banquet room reception, especially when there is an on-site staff ready to handle all the details. Fully stocked bars are popular at these locations, as well as a full menu and a lively band. Though this type of wedding and reception site may seem daunting in size, it can actually turn out to be a warm and cozy setting with the proper decorations and seating arrangement. So don't hesitate to select a banquet room, and invite as many guests as you want to help you celebrate the most special day of your life.

In a Garden: Garden weddings and receptions are simply gorgeous. There is nothing more divine than to be married in a garden setting surrounded by flowers, birds and your friends and family. Whether it is a friend's manicured lawn or a lush botanical garden, this is an ideal setting. Don't overdo the decorations with a garden wedding or reception; let the beauty speak for itself. This is actually the perfect setting for the budget minded bride, since the scenery will be so beautiful, and is usually free. It would be a good idea to set up buffet style food stations under tents if you are concerned about the weather. Otherwise, a seating arrangement of white tables and chairs would be perfect for your guests to enjoy the menu you have planned. You can go with our without tablecloths, using only a small arrangement of flowers as centerpieces. As evening comes lighted candles will be the perfect touch. To keep the atmosphere romantic you can hire a strolling violinist to wander among your guests playing soft music. And when it is all over, you will be amazed at how beautiful your wedding photographs are with the beauty of flowers in bloom, green grass and fresh air in every shot.

In a Natural Setting: The beauty of an ocean or the majesty of the mountaintops is just a few of the many dramatic sights available for your wedding. If you are interested in a natural setting you will need to plan well in advance of your wedding date, especially if you have a certain location in mind. More than likely, there will be guidelines and rules you will need to follow in order to secure a location such as a national or state park. For example, what are the park hours and beverage restrictions? Are there cooking facilities available, or must the food be prepared in advance? How will you, your guests and the caterers get to the location, and is there ample parking as well as overnight accommodations nearby? A natural setting can be an economical choice for a wedding or reception because of the abundant nature available. This makes elaborate flower arrangements and other decorations unnecessary. For refreshments a simple menu will work best, and you might even consider a picnic-style reception with baskets and Mason jars. For the wedding ceremony select the best possible view and make certain you discuss all the beautiful photograph opportunities with your photographer.

These are only a few of the many locations available for your wedding and reception, so select one that fits your personal style and enjoy the wonderful ambiance throughout your wedding day!

Brenda Daube is the founder and CEO of, a supplier of elegant and unique wedding favors, including a beautiful collection of homemade wedding favors and wedding party gifts, all at affordable prices. Please visit us at

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