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Disposable Wedding Cameras

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Author: Mavis Elliot

You will find that the cameras tend to wander around during the evening as guests will see a 'shot', take a picture or two and then be diverted with a conversation or be asked to dance and leave the camera at a new location. Youngsters will tend to 'commandeer' cameras and can waste a lot of shots simply by inexperience - let them have their own for the evening and encourage them to leave the rest alone.. We have a selection of quality cameras available at very competitive prices - view range for more info

Q. Are Wedding Cameras a good or bad idea? Most brides feel they have enough on their plate on 'the day' without worrying about providing disposable cameras even though they may think it a good idea. So who exactly puts them on the tables and who collects them?

A. There's no need to get worked up about cameras. There is easy ways to deal with the setting and recovery of your cameras. First, ask your reception co-ordinator or consultant if they will place disposable cameras on the tables for you. If not, ask one of your 'overworked' bridesmaids if they will take up the task. At the end of your event, have another bridesmaid or all of them collect them. You can also put a collection basket by the exit door with a suitable sign saying "Leave cameras here". See how painless it is?

Q. Initially we had no intention of using disposable cameras on our reception tables but one of my bridesmaids has suggested it and now I feel I may miss out if I don't get them?

A. It is true that disposable wedding cameras are great fun and on many occasions the only pictures you will get of your guests is the table photographs they will take themselves. These cameras let you capture funny candid shots of all your guests. Remember your photographer is concentrating on shooting you and the groom giving it big licks with the lip action and your chief bridesmaid is in command on the dance floor. One of your guests may spot the perfect moment and snap a picture and without the camera being available to just lift and shoot the image is gone forever. On the 'down' side there are occasions when some of your guests may have had just a little too much liquid refreshment and get carried away and you may end up with images of lesser quality such as buttocks, bums, breasts and various other toilet humour.

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