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Do It Yourself Wedding Favors

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Author: Amber Dusick

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Do it yourself wedding favors are probably the easiest wedding craft project there is. Your favors will be special and treasured by guests because they'll be unique. Plus, doing them yourself will save you money, and in wedding budgeting there isn't anything better!

Here are five great and simple do it yourself wedding favor project ideas:

  1. DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favors - Yes, you can buy these favors from a variety of wedding suppliers, but it is much cheaper and will look better if you do them yourself. Purchase a bulk quantity of seeds (many gardening stores sell wildflower seeds by gallon buckets for under $10) and simply divide them up. You can tie them up in squares of fabric such as tulle, organza or silk and then tie with a personalized ribbon. Decorative favor tins, jars or boxes would also look great.

  2. DIY Bookmark Wedding Favors - The perfect choice for a literary couple! Print your bookmark on cardstock and use an image of the two of you, a favorite quote, the date of the wedding or anything else that would fit your wedding theme. Punch out a hole in the top of the bookmark with a circle hole puncher and add a colorful ribbon tassel that coordinates with your wedding colors!

  3. DIY Candy Wedding Favors - While the idea of a candy wedding favor is nothing new, by doing it yourself you can choose unique types of candy and make it more personal. No more Jordan Almonds! Why not choose red hots, lemonheads or some other fun candy from your childhood? Purchase the candy in bulk and then separate into fabric squares, tins or boxes.

  4. DIY Tea Wedding Favors - Another great edible choice that won't be left on the tables. Purchase bulk flavored herbal tea and separate out just like the candy favors. What a relaxing wedding favor! Great for those next day hangovers too.

  5. DIY Magnet Wedding Favors - Everybody loves magnets and functional favors get two thumbs up! Blank magnets can be purchased at your local craft supplies store. They can be decorated with stones, buttons, photos of the two of you and a dozen other things. Flat wooden bases in a variety of shapes and designs can also be purchased and painted or decorated to match your wedding theme.

An excellent way to personalize do it yourself favors is to create custom stamps and decorate tags and boxes with them! Go to for detailed instructions on how to create custom favor stamps.

Have fun creating your do it yourself wedding favors!

Amber Dusick is the publisher of Do It Yourself Weddings where you can find instructions for wedding crafts, invitations, programs, bridal make-up and wedding flowers. Save money and be creative!

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