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Ensure your Asian Catering Company is adhering to food health and safety standards

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Author: Grace Kwong

Asian weddings are regular events in areas with a high population of Asians. This means that a huge number of people, on a nationwide scale, are being served Asian catering food and are therefore exposed to the risk of food poisoning. In order to avoid such an incident from occurring at your special event, here are some basic guidelines to follow when booking an Indian Caterer.

1. Inspect the premises where the cooking and preparation of the Indian catering food will take place. 2. Ensure that there is sufficient space for preparation and storage? 3. There should be separate washing up facilities for food prep, equipment cleaning and hand washing. 4. Check cold storage and freezer facilities. There should be ample refrigeration space for the storage of cooked meat products and cooked rice products to prevent the risk of cross contamination. In Asian catering in particular, it is important for Indian caterers to have separate cold storage facilities for pure vegetarian products. 5. Ideally a Blast Chiller should be installed in an Indian caterers kitchen facility. The blast chiller is used by caterers to safely chill cooked foods to the temperature required to then store the items in the cold storage. 6. Ensure that the Asian/Indian caterer is registered with local authority and has been regularly audited by the Environmental Health Office. 7. A team of experienced chefs and food handlers should be preparing the Indian catering food for functions.. There are often huge numbers of guests at Asian events so sufficient staffing should be booked by the Indian caterer for the preparation and on the day of service, if different. Ensure that the food is prepared as close to the time of service as is physically possible. 8. Kitchen staff, chefs and food handlers are required to have basic training in food hygiene. Certificates should be clearly displayed in the kitchen area. 9. Transportation of Indian Catering food from the premises where it has been prepped to the remote location of service should be in monitored refrigerated vehicles. Temperatures should be logged at departure from premises and arrival at the remote site. 10. Ensure that the Indian caterer uses established and experienced suppliers for raw meats, fresh vegetables, dairy products and grocery items.

These pointers and guidelines should assist potential clients in evaluating the food safety and hygiene standards of Asian caterers.

Don't forget - always insist that food is served piping hot to guests.

Curry Special Ltd operates from a huge, state of the art kitchen facility which is regularly audited by Tesco, Hotels chains and venues such as the Hilton Group, Marriott and the EHO. For more information on Asian Catering please call 020 8518 3003.

The author is associated to the website - - Curry Special is one of the leading Asian catering companies and wedding planner specialising in wedding catering, wedding venues, Indian Caterers, Asian Caterers, wedding planning, event organisers, etc.

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