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Exciting Costa Rica Honeymoon Vacations

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Author: Randy Wilson

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Couples experiencing their first Costa Rica honeymoon vacations are never dismayed. This scenic Central American nation is rich in nature and wildlife, with pristine oceanic coasts on two of its borders. The landscape and climate are so multifarious that one can drive through less than an hour of terrain and it will feel like an entirely new country.

Unlike some of its neighbors, Costa Rica is a very politically stable country. "Pura vida" is a commonly uttered phrase, which roughly translates to "pure life" in English. This motto encompasses everything you will encounter during your Costa Rica honeymoon. To the locals (affectionately known as "ticos"), pura vida is a philosophy that is lived, but not so easily described.

After agriculture, tourism is the largest industry in Costa Rica. The rainforest wildlife is some of the most diverse in the world. Most Costa Rica honeymoon packages are designed to put you in touch with as much variety as you can possibly experience within the few days of your stay.

For the more adventurous couple, nature hikes, scuba diving, and canopy safaris will keep you on the move. Canopy safaris are extensive cable and pulley systems set up hundreds of feet in the air, allowing you an exhilarating trip through the upper quarters of the green jungle.

Costa Rica is also host to a growing number of some of the finest championship golf courses in the world. If golf is your thing, you cannot go wrong by selecting a Costa Rica honeymoon package that brings you near the famed and acclaimed Cariari Country Club.

Although Spanish is the official language, English is widely spoken as a second language, so communication should not be too difficult. It is still worthwhile to learn some basic Spanish in case of an emergency. Showing such an interest in the culture is taken as a gesture of good will and can lead to many fun and interesting conversations with the locals.

The monetary exchange rate is very favorable and makes these Costa Rica honeymoon packages extremely affordable. If you have priced similar vacations with other destinations, you will be pleasantly surprised when your agent shows you the price of all the amenities provided by Costa Rica honeymoon resorts. When your vacation is finished, of course, the attractive price will be the least important memory carried home with you.

Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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