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Fifteen Fabulous Favors

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Author: Jessica Bonilla

Article source: Used with author's permission.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating (or choosing) wedding favors. Take a look at the list below for fifteen fabulous ideas.

For outdoor/garden weddings:

-Small, painted terra cotta pots filled with excelsior, topped off with a few of your favorite flower bulbs and finished with pretty ribbons or raffia

-Store-bought miniature bird's nests filled with Robin's egg candies

-Decorative sachets filled with scented lavender, rose petals, or other dried flowers

For beach/beach-themed weddings:

-Homemade cookies shaped like sand dollars (or seashells) in decorative wrappers, tied with ribbon

-Sea/bath salts in glass containers with homemade thank-you tags

For summer/backyard barbecue weddings:

-Personalized bottles of hot sauce with homemade thank-you tags

-Miniature jars of jams/preserves in small baskets filled with excelsior

For winter wonderland weddings:

-Personalized cocoa/tea/coffee packs in silver mint julep cups, wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbon

-Snowflake-shaped cookie cutters in sparkling organza bags

For any wedding:

-Jordan almonds or butter mints, wrapped in tulle, tied with ribbon and decorative bells

-Votive candles in glass holders, wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbon

-Chocolate truffles in pretty boxes, tied with ribbon and homemade thank-you tags

-Silver photo frames (with promise to provide a picture from the wedding after the big day)

-Personalized miniature champagne (or sparkling cider) bottles

-Miniature, scented hand soaps wrapped in tulle, tied with ribbon and a homemade thank-you tag

As you can see, there are tons of great favor ideas. And sometimes what makes them great is all in the details--so don't be afraid to get a little creative or personalize ready-made favors.

Jessica Bonilla is the owner and editor of -- the source that makes online wedding planning a lot easier.

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