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Getting the brides-to-be back into the bridal shops

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Author: Ramsey Soudah

With the influx of cheap second-rate bridal wear spilling into the UK, this has opened up a disturbingly easy and affordable avenue for the "internet bridal retailer". There is no doubt that this has affected us all in the wedding business trade, hitting the bridal retailer hardest of all.

Internet sites such as ebay have seen a huge increase in these imported gowns, allowing many hundreds of inexperienced people to set up home-based business and classing themselves as wedding retail experts with no understanding of the business.

Not having the usual overheads of a bridal retailer, these so called wedding sellers are able to undercut all of the bridal outlets that have spent years working hard in developing their retail businesses.

Reducing costs is an important issue for most couples tying the knot and these cheaper online options seem very becoming and irresistible, and the opportunity to save hundreds of pounds is too tempting for most!

However, more often than not, the bride ends up getting extremely upset upon receiving her gown to find it is not quite what she had expected, but by this time she has regrettably made her choice and has to make do with her product with no little time left to replace it.

There is also the tendency for brides-to-be to try dresses on in the shops then rush off home to find the very same dress online from a seller at a lesser cost to her. This is due to some wholesale suppliers and manufacturers being complicit in selling through their own internet retail site above the heads of their very own stockists!

This has a disastrous effect on the retailer's sales and compounds the supplier's reliance of such types of sales through the internet. Each time a retailer complains, the general response by these internet trading manufacturers is to "fake" an explanation. It is essential that an ethical solution is brought in to the industry whereby the retailers have a strong presence on the internet but also have a flow of traffic of customers from the internet directed to the retailer by giving discount incentives to match the online traders. This strategy is to introduce the potential brides back into the traditional bridal outlets and away from the internet.

We may not be able to compete with the so called wedding dress wholesalers flooding the UK from far away places such as US, China or the Far East, but if you compare product to costs you will agree that ethical bridal suppliers manufacturing in Europe are by far the best value around with quality and delivery.

One company dedicated to getting the brides-to-be back into the retail outlets is The Marincky Group (TMG). To enable them to achieve this goal they have set up an internet presence with their site which appeals to potential brides to stray away from this new outlook of buying cheap off the internet by offering a substantial discount voucher entitling them to visit a stockist in their chosen location where they can use their voucher to obtain a lower price gown. TMG have approached one of the worlds leading wedding dress designers and manufacturers Gino Cerruti Ltd and working alongside them to achieve this task Gino have asked all of their stockists around the world to honour these discounts offered by the Premier Discount Bridal website. TMG plan to approach a number of other leading wedding gown designers to enrol them in the same process giving the bride-to-be a wider choice of discounted wedding gown designs and styles to choose from.

For more information about this exciting venture please visit the premier discount bridal website or contact TMG at

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