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Getting the Groom Involved - 10 Wedding Planning Tips

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Author: Sherrie Thompson

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Gone are the days when wedding planning was the sole responsibility of the bride and her mother. If your fiancé is happily going about his life while you are out alone talking to the florist, caterer, baker, stationer, DJ, etc., it's time to get him involved in the planning of what will be the most special day of your lives together—your wedding day! After all, planning this day will probably be the first major project of your life together. It's important for both of you to feel connected to this process. Browse these 10 tips to include your man in planning for the big day.

1. Request His Help. This may sound like a "no-brainer," but often the groom doesn't get involved because he has been under the mistaken impression that his help wasn't desired. Sit down with your fiancé and ask him what he would like to have at the wedding/reception. Tell him what you would like and develop a plan together.

2. Give Him The Knowledge. The fact that almost every bridal magazine is directed at brides is not lost on your fiancé. He may be hesitant to help with planning because he simply doesn't know what's expected of him. Give him a checklist with dates that tasks need to be accomplished. Offer suggestions for each area.

3. Enticements. Finding the most delicious wedding cake or most bubbly champagne can be a good way to have your fiancé have input into the wedding plans. Spending a few afternoons or evenings eating delicious desserts and sipping on champagne isn't work; it's fun!

4. Gift Registry. Remind your man that the gift registry isn't just for china and crystal. While he may genuinely care about those types of gifts, today's gift registries are much more diverse. If he's had his eye on a great barbecue set or barware, remind him that the wedding gift registry is the way to go.

5. Entertainment. Choosing the entertainment for your reception may be just the ticket for getting your fiancé involved. Chances are he has very definite opinions in this area. Put those tastes to good use. Have him "audition" the various bands or DJ's your considering. Spending a few evenings together going to clubs listening to music is a date not wedding planning!

6. Invitations. Chances are you haven't met everyone in your fiancé's family or group of friends, yet it is important that they be included in the guest list. Ask him to make a list of people he wants to invite. Better yet, ask him to address the envelopes of his guest list. Don't worry if his handwriting is illegible, there are many computer programs available for printing labels.

7. Keeping Track. If your fiancé is a natural organizer, ask him to keep track of receipts, schedules, contracts, and appointments. Not only will this lighten your load, but also he'll be involved in the planning process.

8. Accommodations. Asking your fiancé to arrange for accommodations for out-of-town guests can be a good way for him to stay involved. Just give him a list of acceptable hotels, and let him do the arranging.

9. Rehearsal Dinner. Your fiancé probably knows that this dinner has traditionally been the groom (or groom's family's) responsibility. If he doesn't already have ideas for this event, give him a few suggestions, and let him have at it. Don't worry if his ideas of fun for all differ from yours. It's his wedding, too!

10. Honeymoon Planning. If your guy doesn't already have a plan for your honeymoon, give him a few suggestions. Let him know the type of hotel you would find acceptable and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

For more ideas, visit With these suggestions, you'll be more relaxed and you will have already accomplished a goal of marriage—you've become partners!

Sherrie Thompson is an Assistant at and MSW Interactive Designs LLC (MSW-ID), purveyors of complete online solutions for wedding professionals. Thompson's work on the bridal storefront has given her first-hand knowledge of the latest trends and sought-after products in the wedding industry. Follow Brides in-the-know to

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