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How NOT to turn into a Bridezilla

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Author: Catherine Marston

How to make sure you don't turn into a Bridezilla. Some useful ways to make sure you stay calm in the run up to the big day. Photographers ,cakes, musicians, dresses, flowers, menus, decorations...the list of things to organise, source and research for your Wedding day is absolutely endless. Nothing is ever simple and every Bride wants to research and check out all the services available. It takes time, effort and patience and with family and friends often wanting their say too on your choices, it can be very stressful. So how do you stay calm in the run up to the biggest day of your life and how do you make sure you are a serene and most importantly, a HAPPY Bride on your big day. Here are a few tips to help make sure you arrive looking as truly beautiful as you can be, with your sanity intact. 1. Plan well- Nothing is more important to ensure the smooth running of your day than thorough and careful planning. Research suppliers thoroughly. Seek out different quotes, different companies and compare their services and costs. Keep a file with all your suppliers details and keep a financial spreadsheet to keep a track of spending. Keep in regular touch with all your suppliers and confirm everything with them at least 2 weeks before your big day. 2. Invest in yourself- Take regular time out for a massage or facial or treat. It helps you escape the planning for a few hours and helps keep you calm and happy. Don't feel guilty about it, the time you spend on yourself will mean you return to the planning process feeling refreshed and more energetic. 3. Enlist help - Turn to a trusted friend or family member to help take some of the pressure off you. It's very tempting to want to control every single aspect of your day, but sharing some of the chores can really help lighten the load. Having a trusted friend helping you will prove invaluable. No matter how small the task they'll be pleased to be asked to get involved. Mums are especially keen to offer a helping hand, even if its just tying ribbon to the balloons, accept the offer and use their help to keep you calm. 4. Take time out- Make sure you and your fiance take some regular time away from the planning. It's easy to let every single spare moment turn into another chance to plan something, but you'll find just taking a day off a week, to spend time together will really help keep you balanced and focused. You may want to talk about your wedding every second of the day, but it can be exhausting and can actually increase your stress. A little time out can make the planning much more fun. 5. Choose calm and helpful people- On the big day itself surround yourself with calm and sensible people. Chose those who can cope in a crisis, and are practical and understanding. You can afford to be selfish on your big day and only allow those who support and help you to be around as you prepare for the day ahead. 6. Relax and ENJOY- on the day itself, it's time to really relax and enjoy every second. DON'T waste your time stressing and panicking. The day passes by so incredibly quickly, it is such a shame to waste it worrying and getting stressed. You have hired good suppliers and entrusted responsibility to them, so sit back, allow them to worry for you and have THE most amazing day of your life.

Catherine provides a bespoke Wedding day memoir writing service for Brides The big Day Reporter and is a NationalTV Journalist.

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