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Level of customer service should be expected from a wedding caterer

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Author: Grace

One of the most expensive elements of organising a wedding is the wedding catering. It is therefore imperative that the wedding catering company entrusted with preparing and serving the wedding banquet is professional and courteous from the onset. A good working relationship must be formed and both parties must feel at ease to discuss issues and comfortable that one understands the other. Hiring a wedding caterer means that the client should not need to give thought to the food and service on the day itself, apart from actually enjoying the banquet with their guests.

From the initial enquiry, a wedding caterer should be in a position to give a potential client a quote over the phone or via email. This is of course dependant on the information supplied by the client. If the wedding catering company is given the date, location, timings, number of guests and an approximate idea of budget, putting together a quote should be a relatively easy task. If any guests have specific dietary requirements, the wedding caterer should be informed as soon as possible as this could affect cost. If you are enquiring with a number of wedding catering companies then this method should result in making like for like comparisons simple. If the wedding reception location has already been selected, the wedding caterer should be happy to arrange a site visit to discuss arrangements and also more importantly ensure that the venue facilities are satisfactory. If the kitchen facilities are not exactly what are required for the chosen menu, the wedding caterer should have no problem in hiring the equipment and making the client aware of any extra costs immediately.

Very often wedding catering companies will have links with wedding venues, so is a location has not been confirmed at the time of enquiry, it is a good idea to ask for advice on suitable wedding venues.

The costs for the services provided by the wedding caterer should be agreed in advance and the written quotation should also detail payment terms and conditions ie. the amount of deposit required and when the final balance needs to be settled.

The wedding caterer should also be able to recommend other wedding services such as, florists, wedding entertainment, décor and theme specialists and toastmasters to name but a few. The experienced wedding caterer will recommend established and reliable companies giving the client peace of mind that the wedding reception is in good hands.

During the lead up to the day itself, the wedding caterer should schedule appointments for a food tasting to confirm the final menu and another site visit to discuss room layout and in general the clients vision for their special day. Meetings to discuss timing schedules, service methods and special requests are just as important. Regular contact must be maintained to establish a bond and a level of trust between wedding caterer and client. A reputable wedding caterer will work to these levels of customer service to ensure the client has full faith in their abilities.

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