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Why You Need a Wedding Website
Building your own wedding website is essential to getting your wedding off to the right start. Brides and grooms can easily share information with their friends and plan their wedding anywhere.

Beverages for Asian Weddings
The service of drinks comes hand in hand with the service of food. So once the decisions with regards to food menus for your Asian wedding catering are finalised, the task of deciding on a beverage list will be important.

Advice on organising your wedding catering
Congratulations, you are engaged to your soulmate. Now get ready to organise the biggest day of your life, that's the challenging part! The average marriage costs approximately £19,500 according to a recent study by Brewer Dolphin Securities and a major portion of this will be costs involving the wedding reception and wedding catering.

How NOT to turn into a Bridezilla
Planning gettinng to you? Finding yourself stressed out and tired? Wedding planning is a full time job and is enough to stress out even the calmest of Brides. Heres some advice to help get you through it all.

Children and Weddings
Whether to invite children to your wedding or not is always a controversial issue. Everyone it seems has a view. Many Brides worry that the little ones will disrupt the vows, drown out the speeches and slide around on the dance floor all night. So if you decide to have children attend your wedding how can you make sure they are not disruptive and distracting, especially during the key moments of your big day?

Wedding Traditions
The poem about bridal attire : "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" is familiar to everyone. What is not so widely known are the origins wherein a bride borrowed an item from a happily married woman because the giver's happiness was said to be passed on to the bride. Blue is considered to bring constancy to the relationship. The bridal garter originates from at least two quite different cultures.

Cooking Tips for A New Bride
Okay, you've either gotten married or are planning to pretty soon. Congratulations! I'm sure you're aware that this means you will be responsible for at least half the meals you and your loved one will eat from here on out! Not to mention future children, your visiting family members and - of course - inlaws.

Bridal Shower Themes
A list of fun and exciting themes for bridal showers.

Maid of Honor Duties
A list of common duties the maid of honor must fulfill.

Bachelorette Parties: Fun Alternatives to a Wild Night
If bar-hopping and male strippers aren't the bride's idea of a fun time, perhaps you should reconsider her bachelorette party festivities. (I know, I know...bachelorette parties are a great reason to plead temporary insanity.) But don't despair! There are lots of fun ways to celebrate the bride's final moments of her single life.

The Second Time - Another White Wedding?
A quick look at some of the new possibilites opened up by the loosening of traditional wedding practices and the growing freedom to express yourself in your critical life events.

Ending Co-Dependence
Are patterns of Co-dependence ruining your relationships and your life? Are you courageous enough to look at the needs that feed your co-dependent patterns and to start to release them forever? If so this article can show you how to begin...

Whats in a Greek Wedding?
You may have seen the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", but what is a Greek wedding really like? The Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony has remained unchanged for centuries and is full of symbolism and meaning. This article describes each of the fascinating stages of the wedding, which make the Greek Orthodox ceremony very different from anything many of us have experienced in Western Europe or the US.

The “EX” Factor: Why Men and Women Over 50 Don’t Remarry!
Thinking about remarrying? Consider these reasons why others have chosen not to. One out of two marriages ends in divorce. 60% of second marriages fail. 66% of marriages and living together situations end in break up according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Read more...

Alcohol and Wedding Receptions—Everything You Will Need to Know
Sure you want your guests to enjoy themselves at your wedding reception, but if you don't want to break the bank or the law here's what you will need to know, including how to calculate how much to buy.

The Night They Invented Champagne
In the dim past of the last century, good time girls like Marilyn Monroe always celebrated their moments of victory with a glass of bubbly.

Wedding Save the Date Cards—Best Ideas and Wording
What you need to know and things you should avoid...

Wedding Receiving Line Etiquette—Greeting Your Guests with Style
Even though it's a great tradition with a long history, some couples choose not to greet their guests in a receiving line fearing that this might take too long. Frank Gregoli, a top New York party planner says realistically, one should allow 30 minutes for every 100 people in the line. If this time allotment fits within your plans and you'd like to be certain that you personally welcome and thank each of your guests, read on...

Like Sand Through an Hour Glass
Symbols! Weddings are full of them. Exchanging rings. Exchanging roses. Tying hands with ribbons. Merging coloured sands. Lighting candles. Releasing doves or butterflies. Ringing bells and kissing chimney sweeps. But when it comes to real drama, no symbol can match smashing a glass or two.

Selecting Mens Formalwear For The Wedding
Have you ever noticed that weddings seem to be all about the bride? There's information available for the wedding dress, shoes, makeup and accessories. But...what about the groom and his ushers? After all, they need to wear something to the wedding too!

Choosing a Site for Your Wedding
Your wedding day is going to be the most perfect day of your life, and we realize the location of your wedding is probably the first and most important decision you will make. We are delighted to offer a few suggestions.

Bachelor Party Ideas
The tradition of the bachelor party may date as far back as the 1800s. The stereotype of a bachelor party is a last night of debauchery for the groom and his friends before the wedding but in more recent times soon to be grooms are looking to less traditional activities to mark their final days as bachelors.

One Word More or Less
Back in the days when pyramids were still being built, losing a war brought with it retribution. Since every nation, and even every city, had its own gods, the conqueror would sometimes adopt the vanquished foe's gods and place them in his own arsenal of armoury. After all, was the winner's thought, as long as the god was being worshipped, what cared he as to who was worshipping him. And you could never have enough gods on your side.

Is She the One?
From the beginning of time, when a man was looking for his mate, at the back of his mind was the thought, am I choosing wisely.

Frugal Flower Girl Accessories
Tips for finding affordable flower girl accessories.

A Wedding That Works For Every Season
In ancient times many a future bride and groom would consult the Tarot cards to see which month the stars said was perfect for their wedding. When the sun or moon sign were inline with Venus who us the Goddess of love, it was believed to be the perfect time to wed.

Weddings For the Guests of Honor – The Bride and Groom
Weddings are the first chance for a couple to exemplify what their lives together will be like.

How Your Wedding Shoes Can Make or Break the Most Important Day of Your Life
Planning a wedding usually begins with the choice of venue, photographer, cake and dress. Discover why the decision over wedding shoes is so important.

Eleven Reasons To Get Married In Scotland
The traditional tartan- and shortbread-seeking tourists to this beautiful country are being joined by couples from around the world who are turning Scotland into a weddings hotspot. Here are eleven reasons why they are choosing to marry the Scottish way.

Forgive and Love a Cheating Spouse
Do you think it is the end of your marriage because your spouse had an affair? On the contrary it's time to nurture, cultivate, and cherish the marriage even more. It is time to start plucking out the mischievous weeds to make room for the tender new shoots.

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