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Bridal Shower Games - How to Pick Them
Wow! So you are having a Bridal Shower! Fantastic but how do you decide what games to pick? Bridal Shower Games can take you back to your childhood..........

What Can We Learn From the “Runaway Bride” Story?
The U.S. has latched on to the strange story of Jennifer Wilbanks, who is now known as the "Runaway Bride." The reason for this fascination? It's all about trust - the foundation on which we base our lives.

Star Jones Nuptials: Fairytale Wedding or Diva Gone Wild?
In case you've been living on another planet for the past several months, you may not have heard that Star Jones was getting married. For the rest of us here on planet earth we couldn't escape this j...

The Bigger the Carat the Better the Wedding?
Ahh... sweet romance. The flowers. The chocolate. The late night whispers of "I love you." For most people in love, the culmination of months of togetherness and special friendship comes down to o...

Guide to a Growing Trend: The Green or Ecological Wedding
Does it seem like the phrases "ecology" and "wedding" could hardly have less in common? With the average wedding costing well over 15 thousand today, one would think so. And yet, the "green" or ecolo...

Spotlight on the Asian-Themed Wedding
Asian-themed weddings are on the rise, and at first this might come as a surprise. After all, nothing could seem further from the Laura Ashley vision we get when thinking of a wedding. And in fact, t...

Be Thankful for a Faithful Husband
If your husband is faithful, you have much to be thankful for. Faithful husbands are in short supply. While 3 out of 4 wives assume their husbands are faithful, only 1 wife in 4 can truthfully make...

Prenuptial Agreements
"Til death do us part" is still the language used in most weddings. Couples enter marriage with the hope of making a lifetime commitment. If this goal is not reached or if a spouse dies, the desire t...

Fitness Tips For Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day
Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Selecting a dress that will make you look and feel great is an important first step. But what happens when you look in the mirror and don't think...

A Call for International Marriage Laws
I recently watched a CNN programme which centred on "kidnapped daughters" (from multicultural marriages) who were unwillingly given away in marriages in Islamic states by their fathers. U...

Is Eloping For You?
The two of you want to make a break for it, but is this the best option for you? Before you book that plane to the Caribbean, ask yourself some important questions about how your plans to elope will resonate with family and friends, and most of all yourselves.

The Right Age To Marry!
With more and more women deciding to marry only after they have settled down in their careers, the marriage age seems to be more and more flexible. What is the correct age to tie the knot for a woman? Early 20s or early 30s? Or later?

Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Wedding Look
Bridal accessories are as necessary to complete the bridal look, as packaging is to a wedding gift. The wedding gown would be incomplete without matching wedding accessories. Here's a quick rundown of the bridal accessories you want to pay attention to.

Selecting Your Wedding Centerpieces
Wedding centerpieces help tie together the look of your entire table setting. The wedding centerpieces will affect the linens you choose, the size of the tables and even the number of guests you seat at each table. It is important to discuss beforehand with your decorator and caterer the wedding centerpiece options available to you.

Choosing a Maui Wedding Package
Just like anywhere else in America, there are a variety of businesses offering different Maui wedding packages. A quick bit of research online or from the Maui Visitors Information Service, will quickly overwhelm you with wedding package choices.

Overcoming Wedding Jitters
Wedding Jitters are very common. Being the center of everyones attention can be stressful!

Six Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Arch
Making that wedding arch beautiful is just one of the many challenges you'll face in your wedding planning. Here's how to create a look that's right for you.

Bridal Showers
Bridal showers are a great tradition that is part of the wedding process. Traditionally, bridal showers are rather large affairs where some, if not all, of the women involved in the wedding planning get together to offer advice and presents to the bride to be.

Wedding Decorations – Less is More
Often overlooked, wedding decorations can make a real difference to your wedding. The correct wedding decorations can really help to add that extra touch of sparkle to your wedding day. Having said this, no one wants to spend a fortune on wedding decorations that will more than likely end up in the trash can at the end of the day!

Bridezilla Bride!?
Nobody, I repeat nobody likes a bridezilla bride. It is too easy for the bride to get carried away and wrapped up in all of the planning. And oftentimes if she has a wedding planner she will be inclined to take all of this planners words as gospel. This unfortunately often hurts the bridesmaid's chances of looking pretty during the ceremony. I don't know what it is with ugly bridesmaid dresses but they seem to be the popular thing to choose among brides. This is one wedding tradition that does not seem to be in any danger of being lost, like ever.

Dressing Your Bridesmaids
Here's how a bride can find the perfect dress for her bridesmaids--a style that showcases her own taste, will look great on every girl and is affordable.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Bouquet Style
Explains how to choose the suitable wedding bouquet style according to the bride's body size, wedding gown style and the look that she wants to create.

The Charm of a Gatlinburg Wedding
Nestled in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg's romantic and beautiful outdoor scenery is perfect both for honeymoons and weddings. Hundreds of couples take their oaths in Gatlinburg each year, both in casual and formal settings.

Requesting the Presence of Your Presents
For better or worse, in people's minds weddings and wedding gifts go together like a horse and carriage. Social reformers in the guise of religious reverends and ministers might rail against the excesses practiced by bridal couples, but their words fall on unheeding ears. Even governments, from time to time, try to curb the tendency by passing laws against luxury and extravagance. Invariably their influence is as transient as their own existence.

Me Tarzan! You Jane!
Once upon a time a caveman, while out for a walk, came a across a young woman. Struck by her beauty he immediately tried to get her attention by violently thumping his chest, his good imitation of Tarzan's victory cry reverberating through the length and breadth of the forest.

Were Engaged!
He's popped the question and you're dying to tell someone. Without a second thought the two of you race like the wind to share the good news with your mum and dad.

An Ethical Alternative to the Conspicuous Excess of the Average Wedding
Many happy couples are turning their backs on the traditional wedding gift list in favor of a more ethical approach to their big day. If you are put off by the materialism and "me, me, me" aspect of modern weddings, then why not plan your day to reflect your personal philosophy and beliefs?

The Brides Greatest Ally
On Friday, 1st May 1835, Mr Charles Dickens, the creator of "David Copperfield" and "Please, sir, can I have some more?" was the happiest of mortals. He had proposed and had been accepted.

Help is Here for Your Wedding Ceremony
When it comes to your wedding services, nobody wants to spend too much and yet have to foot the bill for the reception. Really it depends on where you want to your wedding to be and what type of service that you are hoping to have. There is a way to satisfy all types of weddings as long as you know what your options are. Let's take a look at the different types of ceremonies that you can choose from that can save you a great deal of money.

Cheap Wedding Party Gifts
Thanking your wedding party with special gifts is a favored tradition. Depending on the size of your wedding party it can be an expensive one as well. With so much money spent on the wedding ceremony and the reception, this can often be an aspect of the ceremony that you can have a hard time in deciding upon because it can be difficult to find inexpensive, original and thoughtful items that will be good enough to express your appreciation to your wedding party.

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