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Getting Great Deals on the Wedding Clothes
If you are planning to have a full wedding that includes bridesmaids, and groomsmen etc. it could run you a great deal of money to cover your gown as well as the other women and men's clothing as well. Bridesmaid's dresses get more and more costly with every extra woman in the wedding party. When you are deciding how much money you can afford to spend on the wedding clothes, you have to consider the fittings and the flowers or accessories as well.

Get Fantastic Deals on Catering for Your Wedding
When it comes to your catering services for your wedding, there are options to make it more affordable. Generally for larger receptions, catering companies will offer discounts on their own.

How To Hire A DJ For Your Wedding
Ask the right questions before hiring a DJ. Whether or not a guest had a good time at your wedding determines whether or not they remember it! You do you want to be remembered?

Marriage and the Election
Information about marriage and the election...

Thoughts from Deik and Kims Wedding, for You and Your Marriage
I recently performed the wedding ceremony for two friends of mine. Here are some wonderful and powerful thoughts about marriage. May they serve to strengthen your marriage...

A Tale of Two Weddings
In the next six months, my son, daughter, and grandson are all getting married. Our family is spread across Ontario and the United States, so I'm thankful to be living in the computer generation.

A Summer Wedding
The excitement had been growing in the village as the date of the wedding approached - a French wedding with style.

The Reality of Arranged Marriages
Arranged marriages have been a topic of interest for centuries. Authors across the ages have explored this theme at length, and it still surfaces in literary works today. What's the appeal? Is it the fascination with the lack of lust and desire we cultivate in North American society? We strive on the element of danger, of the forbidden, while an arranged marriage is usually a safe way to ensure a family's approval of a union.

Wedding Insurance – Peace of Mind for Your Perfect Day?
With the average cost of a wedding around £17,000 you would think that more couples would take out wedding insurance just in case something happens to spoil the special day. However, an estimated 85% of couples planning to get married do not bother with insurance ...

Whats a Goldfish Doing at a Wedding?
Time was when you'd open a wedding invitation you'd find an understated high quality piece of parchment...

Your Bridal Shoes: No Need to Sacrifice Style for Comfort
Learn how to buy comfortable, yet stylish, wedding shoes.

Jewish Wedding Traditions - The Wedding Day in a Nutshell
Confused about all the different Jewish Wedding Traditions? This free article will explain all the wedding day's events in a very brief summary, including before the ceremony, the actual Jewish Wedding Ceremony, and the post-ceremony festivities.

All The Details: 25 Ways to Make Your Wedding a Unique and Truly Memorable Event
He's popped the question and you are officially a bride to be. You've got the dress, the reception hall, the caterer and the honeymoon booked. Now the biggest challenge... how do you take this cookie cutter wedding and turn it into a unique celebration that your guests will be talking about for years to come? Here are 25 ideas to personalize all the details and make it the wedding of your dreams and the event that no one can forget.

Hey, Where Do I Put My Speakers? Unique Venues Require Unique DJs
If your wedding venue is something other than a square room then you need to find the right DJ to fufill your acoustic challenge. Is it outdoors/indoors, in multiple rooms, or is your room just an echo chamber? Read on.

Marriage Proposals – Why Doing It Right Will Make All the Difference
Proposing marriage to your beloved is a very big step. You get the ring, but then you don't know when, where, or how to actually pop the question. You want it to be an event that both of you will remember for a lifetime. Some things to consider are listed below.

Doing Things Your Own Way
Exactly what is right and what is wrong when it comes to planning your wedding reception? The sky is the limit these days. The rules are changing. Read more about the new trends.

Make Sure You Do: Before You Say “I Do”
Tina Turner asked an important question in the title of her hit song; What's Love Got To Do With It? Yes love is important but love don't pay the bills. It is not be enough to be "in love." Couples must have the basic skills necessary for building and enhancing the relationship over time.

Replace Your Wedding DJ With An iPod
Whether its true or not, most everyone agrees that wedding DJs are expensive. A popular tip circulating the net is to replace your wedding DJ with an iPod and DJ your reception yourself. While this may sound like a great idea, there are some things to consider. Just as with any do-it-yourself project, you must be aware of all facets before you start.

The Origins of Some Wedding Traditions
Where do Wedding Traditions come from? Which Wedding Traditions are the most popular?

Your Winter Wedding
Even if you live in a part of the world where there is no snow, a winder wedding can be filled with magic and electricity.

Sex and Marriage
Sex and marriage as well as love and romance all go together. It can be cuddling, kisses, making love and more... There are lots of online e-books that can help you enhance your relationship.

Hampton Roads Weddings, Finding the Perfect Venue for that Special Day
Nowhere but in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia will you find more diversity in people, environment, and beauty. Stepping from town to town, the differences are simple to spot, yet for all the differences in each township it is clear they share one thing common: each Tidewater town offers a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. Here now are five such locales any Hampton Roads couple should consider when planning their special day.

Have Your Wedding In Paradise
Planning a beach wedding in SW Florida.

Save the Date Etiquette: Everything You Need To Know
Save the Date Cards, what are they, do I need them, how do I word them, and when do I send them? I'll answer these questions and more, to help you make an knowledgeable decision.

The Wedding Guests Guide to A Stress Free and Fun Wedding
Getting married? Obsessed with planning the perfect wedding? Overcome the bridezilla persona by reading The Wedding Guest's Guide to A Stress Free and Fun Wedding, and transform into a happier bride. Follow these tips to throw a wedding that is fun, memorable and a reflection of you and your partner.

Here Comes the Bride
A wedding is a big event for the bride to be. She imagines it to be a day of perfection, a day of beauty and most of all, a glorious time when she will come to her new husband and the two shall become one. She will appear before him without spot or blemish, and the groom will be swept away by her beauty and preparation. This holds true when we prepare ourselves to be the bride of Christ. How much preparation have you given to this wedding day? Will you be invited to attend the ceremony?

Organized Brides: Why They are Going Online
The latest trend the online wedding scene has experienced is the surge in popularity of personal wedding websites. Personal wedding websites conveniently harness the flexible nature of the internet to provide an affordable and dependable online service, and are a sure way to make every couple's Big Day better.

Fun Dating Ideas to Spice up Your Marriage
Dating doesn't have to end after marriage. Here are some fun ideas for this weekends date.

Are American Women Driving Their Men Away?
The topic is controversial. The website might upset you. But if you're a woman who wants to understand men, or a man who wants to read what other men are thinking and feeling, this website is one sure place to visit.

Caricature Entertainment: A Surefire Way to Liven Up Your Wedding Celebration
If you've never seen caricature entertainment at an event, you'll be amazed when you see how popular it is with guests. Not only do they have a great time, they leave with a memento of your special event.

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