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Should You Wear White?
To wear white or not to wear white that is the question? But what is the answer? Are we to be bound by tradition or make or own?

What You Should Look For In A Professional Wedding DJ
You need someone who will deliver the reception you want. Someone who will be able to pick the correct music, setup those personalized moments and realize the difference between customization and personalization.

In my mind, love is a marriage union between souls. It is profound positive feelings actualized in affectionate behaviors toward the love object.

The Bridezilla Syndrome: Do You Have It? Ten Ways to Avoid All the BS!
Is your wedding planning making you miserable? Are you totally stressed out? Reduce your stress NOW with ten easy steps to make your wedding planning FUN!

Displaying Your Wedding Bouquet
3 different ways to display your silk wedding bouquet...

How to Choose Your Wedding Shoes
Wedding day is known as the most unforgettable day in human life. Most women wish that day could be perfect and hoping nothing would go wrong. Well…sometimes not all wish are fulfilled. There are some who get panic due of wedding shoes.

Wedding Videography - When Getting it Right on the 1st Take Counts, Hire a Professional
Are you considering having uncle Charlie or aunt Mary shoot the video for your wedding? After reading this article you may have second thoughts.

Games For A Wedding Shower
Games for a wedding shower are the best ways to make the most of your merriment in a wedding shower party. There are a lot of unique and varied games for wedding showers like the fish pond, men or women-who are better off?, coffee pot, guess the answer, guess my name, weave a story, my secret friend, how well do you know the bride/ groom games? etc.

Bridal Shower Games Are Extremely Fun!
Bridal shower games are a wonderful way to put your guests at ease and to get the party started! Ideally, bridal shower games should be easy to play and should provide guests with an interactive way to interact with one another in a casual and fun way.

Dressing the Mother-of-the-Bride
The date is set, your dress is ordered but what will you mother wear? Dressing the Mother-of-the-Bride can be stressful. Discover the pitfalls and try to avoid them!

A Winter Wedding
Make your Winter Wedding a winter wonderland. Go traditional or modern, we have Winter Wedding ideas for both.

Wedding Hairstyles
When it comes to your Wedding Hairstyles is it an updo or not? Try out a lot of wedding hairstyles and pick one you are comfortable with. Get some wedding hairstyle inspiration here.

Choosing Stunning Wedding Graphics
Our modern technological age has changed the ways in which we do numerous things in our lives. One thing that has changed drastically in the new millennium is how we present and preserve our weddings and the photographs, videos, and other memories from those events.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Tables
If you live in the northern climates of the US, there's not much you can do about planning the weather for your winter wedding, but you can plan a winter wonderland wedding reception.

Planning Your Wedding - How To Choose Your Wedding Party
Getting ready for your wedding, one of the biggest events of your life, is a huge task which can be easy or hard depending upon your preparation. Your wedding day should be a day of fun and celebration, not one filled with worry and stress about things going wrong. When choosing your wedding party, always keep in mind that these are the people whom you will need to help and support you the most throughout the time before your wedding. To make sure that you understand the ins and outs of picking your wedding attendants, here are some tips and hints.

1950 Style Wedding Gowns – Go For The Classic Look
How To Go For That Classic 1950's Look When Buying Your Wedding Gown!

Im No Marriage Counsellor But I Have Been a Bestman
I didn't know much about marriage and love when I was a bestman in a wedding and I had to propose the toast and give some matrimonial advice to the newlyweds…

Signs That Youve Hired a Bad Wedding Vendor
Planning a wedding from a different city is hard enough, so how does a bride plan a wedding from a different state?

Tie the Knot in Jamaica!
One of the hottest trends today in the world of nuptials is the destination wedding. More and more couples about to tie the knot have therefore come as no surprise that this island ranks as the #1 choice in the Caribbean for destination weddings and honeymoons.

Planning For Your Second Wedding
When planning for your second wedding use heartfelt, common sense before announcing your new engagement.

Wedding Is Time For Everyone To Mind Their Manners
Did you hear the one about the groom that got so drunk the night before his wedding he passed out during the nuptials?

Will the Glass Slipper Ever Fit?
Do opposites really attract? I believe there is some truth to this. At first the euphoria of a new relationship brings much elation and happiness, even in a relationship that is unpredictable as is with opposites. But after five years into the marriage will this now "old found love" still be alive and strong, and will these opposites still attract each other?

Wedding Videography Interview Techniques
An art to interviewing some one while recording them.

Couples Comfort Book Forward
Couple's Comfort Book Forward: I have been married now for 14 years. We have a daughter. She will soon be ten. We have survived the death of a parent, financial pressure, a major move, parenting, intense travel schedules - not to mention coming to terms with the startling truth - we really do marry our opposites...

Wedding Preparation Blues
It's 2 months away from your remarriage to the love of your life and there is too much to do and too little time to do it in.

When Getting It Right on the 1st Take Counts
Getting married is one of the most stressful events anyone will ever endure. So many details and preparations go into the making of a successful wedding. Often one of the most overlooked aspects of wedding preparation is hiring a wedding videographer.

Are You Making These Same Wedding Vow Mistakes?
When you come right down to it, most people DO have what it takes to write their own wedding vows. But it can help to know about some of the most common mistakes - or "Big Boo-Boos" - most couples make along the way. Avoid these and you're well on your way to a perfect set of vows your new spouse will love.

How NOT to fix Your Wife (Girlfriend or Date)!
Many men try to solve women's problems when all the women want or need is to be listened to. Here's how my wife effectively trained me to listen to her.

Wedding Videography in the Digital Age
What's the state of the wedding videography industry today? To find out, we talked with working wedding videographers, found industry statistics and fleshed out what is undoubtedly a flourishing business in a growing market.

How About a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding?
Planning to have a Disney fairy tale wedding? You're not alone! Walt Disney World hosts over 2,300 weddings every year.

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