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How to Customize Your Wedding
Traditional weddings are not a thing of the past. We live in a world that is quickly advancing and yet we love the rich traditions of the wedding: the white dress, the flowers, the tuxedos, the vows and rings and music.

Why Elope?
The Curiosity of Elopement. Personal reasons and fundamental elements of an elopement wedding.

Wedding Planning with Less Stress
Many couples would like to plan their own wedding but are hesitant being afraid of the stress involved. Planning your wedding can be less stressful than what you expect and you can actually have fun during the process. There are some key factors that will significantly help you to reduce the overall stress.

Fun, Romantic & Memorable Elopements
Elopement has come to describe many different kinds of small intimate weddings, both spontaneous and per-planned. More and more couples are embracing this private and personal form of nuptial.

Beach Elopement
Guide to planning a beach elopement. Details to consider and think through.

Reasons To Elope
Preserve more time for each other with a budget friendly elopement.

Watery Elopements
The most requested venue for an elopement ceremony is in nature near the water.

Garden Elopements
The extraordinary beauty of a garden. San Francsico's garden oases offer green escapes of earthly delights for a memorable elopement ceremony.

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors
Useful ideas and strategies for choosing wedding colors.

Wedding Gifts Making Sure That You Get What You Want!
Whenever anyone receives a wedding invite, one of the first things that goes through their minds, is what they should choose as perfect wedding gifts.

Wedding Gowns Getting the Best Out of Your Photographs
One of the most important things to any bride is the wedding photography that captures the magical day, for years to come. Most wedding gowns are made to make the bride look absolutely stunning; however, not all wedding gowns photograph as well as they should, so it is important to consider what your short listed wedding gowns will actually look like, in the photographs.

Guide to the Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony
You might have seen the film "Big Fat Greek Wedding", but what is the Greek wedding ceremony really like? Read on to find out.

Blended Bride: Keeping the Peace On Your Big Day
Your Mom says she won't come to the wedding if your Dad shows up. Your sister is refusing to let her daughter be your flower girl because you invited her ex-husband to the ceremony. What's a bride to do?

Bridal Showers - Secrets to Their Success
Your Bridal Shower should be relaxed, informal and fun! Let your Bridal Shower go with the flow and enjoy!!

Bridal Shower Checklist
Planning a bridal shower? Don't panic. These easy steps will help ensure a stress-free event.

Bridal Bouquets - A Guide to Picking the Right Bouquet for You!
Do you yearn for the romance of a special Bridal Bouquet? Do you know what flowers you want in your Bouquet but are unsure what they signify? Read on and uncover the secrets of the flowers in a Bridal Bouquet.......

Bridal Fashion - What Has Changed?
Bridal Fashion? Isn't it just a white wedding gown? No! There is some much choice in Bridal Fashion that you will be amazed at what is available for you to wear on your special day!

Maryland Wedding Receptions
A secluded and joyful Maryland wedding reception would take you to Kent Manor Inn with their beautifully decorated Victorian style Inn. Delight your guests with the 24 guest rooms available, all of which are decorated and furnished with intricate care and classical decor. Each of the guest rooms consist of a fireplace, a four-poster bed with balconies overlooking a scenic garden view. All these warm and cozy facilities will make your wedding reception an event that your guests and you will never forget. Most importantly, a fine-dining restaurant will be certain to thrill your guests with a wedding reception dinner or a luncheon with exquisite cuisine.

A Marriage of Romance: Sexy Suggestions to Spice Up Any Relationship
If you're a husband or a wife, you'll want to take a look at these suggestions for couples who want to heat things up from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Weddings - that Special Day
Standing in front of all her loved ones, donning an elegant white gown and a radiant smile, the bride smiles at her groom, tears in her eyes, and says, "I do."

Mens Platinum Wedding Rings
Platinum is the metal equivalent of diamonds - it is said to last forever. In addition to being one of the world's rarest precious metals, it is also extremely durable. It loses virtually no metal when scratched, and weighs 60 percent more than 14 karat gold. A six-inch cube of platinum weighs almost 165 pounds.

Its the Heart (and heat) of the Wedding Season - Sun & Heat Protection During an Outdoor Wedding
Some sun protection tips to keep in mind whether you're the bride, groom or guest at an outdoor wedding...

11 Things to Remember in Planning Your Wedding
Would you like a fairytale wedding? Let me show you how you can do that!

Nevada Wedding Laws
While you may be headed to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding or a prolonged celebration, take time to find out what the law requires before you buy that plane ticket. Each state's laws differ, and many couples get married in Las Vegas because the law allows them to marry quickly. But don't start planning your nuptials until you check out this all-important piece of the wedding cake.

Weddings - Who Pays For What?
Of course, times have changed and there are occasions where the traditional ways to pay for the wedding do not apply. But if you are like most people, here's the breakdown of who exactly pays for this thing (should you continue this traditional pattern)...

Wedding Planning: Benefits of Online Wedding RSVPs
Online wedding RSVPs, one of the most recent developments in the wedding industry, have skyrocketed in popularity among brides and grooms looking to efficiently handle their guest list. Receiving RSVPs online is an inexpensive way to stay organized and have a bit of fun with the helpful extras that some online RSVP systems offer.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gown
Selecting a wedding gown is possibly one of the most exciting things for a bride to do. It's one of the most fun aspects of preparing your wedding. Regardless of whether you know what kind of gown you want or not, it is a dress you will remember for the rest of your life. So with this in mind, it's one part of your wedding...

Wedding Planning: Clear Communication with Your Wedding Guests
Effective communication between you and your wedding guests is essential in the months leading up to your wedding. But in this stressful time, how can you maintain healthy relationships with your family and friends when you're flooded with questions and feeling in over your head?

Twelve Ways to Make Your Spouse Dislike Sex
It's really not difficult to ruin what could have been great sex. If that's your goal, following these twelve suggestions will ensure that, over time, your spouse will become very creative in finding ways to avoid having sex with you. Of course, I'm writing this article "tongue in cheek" to make a point. But I can assure you that these behaviors will detract from your sexual relationship with your partner.

Dallas Wedding Receptions
The most important day of your life is drawing near and you want to plan it to perfection. Everything has to be just right, the chapel, the dresses, the food and most importantly the wedding reception. Specifically if you are planning a Dallas wedding reception, there are many areas that you need to look into in creating the right theme, the right ambience as well as to ensure that all your guests' needs are taken care of.

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