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Maui: A Prime Wedding Destination

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Author: Kevin Stith

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Most visitors to Hawaii would agree that Maui is the most beautiful of all the settled islands there. For your wedding ceremony, for that special day you'll remember for the rest of your lives, there's no better location than Maui. When most people think of Maui, one of the first things that come to mind are the beaches -- Maui has some of the most picturesque, beautiful beaches anywhere in the world, making it a popular location for a beach wedding.

In addition to the many beaches available, the choices of Maui wedding locations are unequaled in their diversity and natural splendor. If it's a mountain, desert or jungle setting you seek, it's available on Maui. Some of the most beautiful hotels in the world are located on the island and many of them offer wedding settings from the sublime to the most lavish you could possibly imagine.

As well as a diverse choice of settings, any type of wedding service, from the most traditional to the most eclectic, can be arranged on Maui. There have been underwater services where the minister, the bride and groom are in scuba diving gear, taking their vows on chalkboards below the ocean surface. People who are not Hawaiian have gotten married in native Hawaiian ceremonies at the foot of active volcanoes. Others have said "I Do" in an airplane and then jumped thousands of feet to the ground where their wedding party was eagerly awaiting their arrival. There's almost no ceremony or setting you could want that couldn't be found or arranged somewhere on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui.

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