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Modern Wedding Invitations for the Tragically Hip

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Author: Amy Lee Johnson

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Modern living isn't just a lifestyle - it's a look.

Think streamlined. Understated. It's all about high-quality materials and simple lines. How do you get this in a modern wedding invitation? Think design, color, and texture.

Modern Design

Yesterday's wedding invitations were ornate creations on heavy white paper. Rectangular paper. Really rebellious people used a colored ink for the text.


Now, it's all about choices. Modern invitations come in any shape you can dream up. Squares. Circles. Or in the form of ticket stubs.

And the envelopes that hold them are gorgeous.

Stroll through a specialty paper store. You'll find envelopes that open like flowers. Or origami-like structures with intricate folds.

The modern invitation isn't just a message. It's a work of art.

And a keepsake in its own right.

Modern Color

White never goes out of style. But it isn't the only option.

Choose a paper in a vivid color if that suits your personality.

A more modern invitation has layers. Choose a deep color for the base layer. Glue on a smaller sheet in a neutral shade. Coordinate the invitation colors with your wedding.

You've just created eye candy.

Modern Texture

The modern invitation moves beyond your basic smooth paper.

You can find paper embedded with leaves. Or flowers. Two-tone shimmery paper. Paper so nubby you start petting it.

With all these choices, it's easy to go crazy. You want your wedding invitations to be fun. And beautiful.

But your guests should know what it is when it comes in the mail.

For the perfect modern look, balance all of these factors.

Let your outer envelope sport a nubby texture. Or a cool shape. Let your guest find a clean white square mounted on a lavish background color.

Let the color, texture, and design draw them into the mood of your wedding. Before they even arrive.

The modern invitation isn't just a look. It's an experience. It's perfection.

Amy Lee Johnson is a freelance writer who often contributes to a site that gives useful hints and tips such as buying wedding invitations or writing wedding vows.

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