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Mothers Outfits for the Wedding

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Author: Mavis Elliot

This is where it is important to visit the specialist shops who have the expertise to advise on colour, shape and accessorising. It is worth taking time beforehand to discuss with the bride suitable colour schemes for both parents, but do be flexible when looking around the shops. This purchase is meant to be enjoyable not a chore!

The choice of styles for mothers is very varied - everything from smart tailored suits to soft floaty styles. It is better to wear the style that suits you rather than what you think others expect you to wear! A hat is a must, but it can make or break an outfit. The right advice again is vital.

Some shops have hats made to match the outfits or can trim hats with matching material. Mothers will spend a large part of the day on their feet, so comfortable shoes are important. Shoes and handbag should blend with the outfit - they are not the things you want to see in the photographs first.

No shoulder bags nor those that carry the kitchen sink on this day please! It is possible to have shoes and handbag dyed to match your outfit, but do remember, if they are fabric, to spray them with a waterproof spray. Jewellery to complement the outfit is important - do not be tempted to wear "grandmother's pearls" if they really do not go.

Last, but not least, gloves are optional nowadays but are usually worn with the more tailored suits and, of course, for Autumn and Winter weddings. The most important thing is to relax, feel comfortable and ENJOY THE DAY!

For resources on bridal outfits for mothers of the bride or groom please visit our links pages at Bridal Wear

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