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Planning Your Wedding With A Personal Touch

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Author: Michele Neisler

Article source: Used with author's permission.

The moment you become engaged, you will almost immediately start planning your wedding in the back of your mind. There is so much to organize and plan! You want to be sure that everything is perfect and will be a day to remember for not only you and your groom, but for all of your guests in attendance as well. Sometimes, it can be the smallest touches that mean so much. Adding your personality and style is a must for your unforgettable wedding day!

To start with, you have the ceremony and reception site to choose, as well as the dress, flowers and cake. Many brides today are going the extra mile and taking time to add fun little extras to their event to make it really stand out. Personalized items are just perfect for such a task. There are so many great ways to personalize your event. The possibilities are virtually endless.

For the bride and groom with a sweet tooth, personalized candy bars are a tasty way to show how important your guests are to your big day! You can purchase special labels personalized to your liking and affix them to miniature candy bars like Hershey's Miniatures, Hershey Nuggets or Nestle Treasure Bars. Candy may not be included, so be sure to check with your distributor.

Another sweet idea for unique favors is personalized lollipop tags. You can purchase lollipops that fit your theme, then slide the tags on the lollipop for a personalized final touch. Lollipop tags generally come in different sizes. If you decide to go with a smaller tag, you can have it printed with the name of the bride and groom along with the wedding date or a thank you from the couple. For larger tags, a wonderful idea is having your favorite poem, saying or words of wisdom personalized onto them. These inexpensive favors are sure to bring compliments from all of your guests.

Yet another fun way to add a special touch to your event, which is perfect for the culinary couple at heart, is a set of personalized recipe cards. These are fantastic favors for your guests to take home from the bridal shower. Have the guests return the recipe cards at the wedding with their favorite recipe for the new couple! Another unique idea is to have the recipe cards printed for the groom's mother. The groom's mother should return the cards to the bride with the groom's favorite recipes.

While on the subject of favors that are paper in nature, adorable miniature note pads are also a unique and useful way to show your guests that you are happy they attended your special event. Note pads can be personalized with the information about the big day or as a thank you for attendance from the bride and groom. For a final touch, order personalized golf pencils (golf size pencils are rather inexpensive and the perfect size to compliment the miniature notepads) or wedding pens. You can let your imagination run wild!

Giving personalized favors or thank you gifts to guests are generally not required, but most guests will save these tiny treasures as mementos of your wedding day and appreciate the fact that you took time out of your busy schedule to include them. No matter which choice you make, be sure to let your personality and style sparkle in all the details!

Chele started Chele's Treasures as a work at home mother of three young boys that quickly grew to a full time business. Visit Chele's Treasures for uniquely personalized wedding novelties such as candy, stationery, cards, labels, and more!

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