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Reception to do List for an Outdoor Reception

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Author: Mia LeCron

Article source: Used with author's permission.

You have to start with a thorough to do list when planning an outdoor reception because this will keep your affairs in order. When creating your list, you have to consider having a contingency plan. The reason for this is to accommodate bad weather conditions that may prohibit your reception from taking place at all. Or having your reception ruined due to a thunderstorm or severe winds.

Here is a sample to do list for you to look at so that you will know all of the things that need to be considered. The list will include what needs to be done, and why it should be handled.

To do list should include:

Renting tent or gazebo and decorating it. Make sure that you confirm your rental date at least two weeks ahead of time or sooner if you can.

Renting tables and chairs. It is cheaper when you set them up yourself

Getting regular updates on the weather. Of course, you should have a contingency plan just in case the weather does not permit an outdoor party.

Getting any miscellaneous items such as extension cords etc.

Hiring a DJ or band and confirming

Deciding on food items and drink and who will prepare what

Getting permits that may be required in serving alcohol

Getting permission from neighbors. You don't want them complaining about the noise and the parking situation (invite them too). Of course this rule applies when you are hosting your outdoor reception in your backyard.

These are some quick tips for your to do list. Of course, you will also want to know how you can possibly save as much money as possible on this event and the tips and ideas are literally endless.

Perhaps the best reason to host an outdoor party is because it will take care of the smoking problem on its own. When you host an outdoor reception, there are so many choices that you can make on what to do and serve your guests. Because of this, I have divided the outdoor reception items separately.

Mia LaCron is the founder of - - devoted to helping individuals live out the wedding of their dreams on a realistic budget they can afford.

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