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Renewing Wedding Vows - If Only You Knew How To Renew Your Vows

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Author: Amy Lee Johnson

Article source: Used with author's permission.

If renewing wedding vows is in your future, you are in the right place!

The first time your marriage was a ceremony of life, love and commitment to your spouse. Now after you have been through the experience of life, and you have been together all this time, you will make that same choice again by renewing your wedding vows.

Who is renewing their wedding vows?

People who are celebrating big anniversaries often renew their wedding vows. The big anniversaries are most often: five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, thirty five, and if you are lucky enough to hit fifty years of marriage you should renew your vows, and renew your love for each other.

How to renew your vows

There are a few different ways you can renew your wedding vows. You can do this in the privacy of your home, with you and your spouse in private or you can renew your vows when you are out on the town in front of everyone. You can renew your vows in front of a priest, minister, or in front of no one at all.

When you say your vows to each other, you are finding your love for one another once again, you are committing to learning and loving each other again, and it is all a great experience.

When you are planning a ceremony and you want to renew your vows, you can also include the use of music. Include your favorite song, a song that the two of you have danced to in the past, or a song that gives you a better expression of what you want to say if you are having a hard time writing your own vows.

If you have a hard time writing your own vows, try watching a few good movies that have weddings in them. Get the ideas from the movies about how people speak to each other and what those who are in the show are finding emotional, romantic or fun in their own ways. You can also find all types of good ideas in books and in music - the words you see and hear are great expressions of love that you can use in renewing your own vows.

Amy Lee Johnson is a freelance writer that often contributes to Wedding Vows 4U - a site that offers information on such topics as writing wedding vows and selecting wedding gowns.

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