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Sex and Marriage

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What You Should Know About A Prenup
A prenup, also known as a prenuptial agreement, is a contract that is entered into by 2 people before they get married. Included in this agreement are such things as spousal support and how the property will be divided in case of divorce.

Dealing With Your Spouses Sexual Past
More than half of those who marry today bring sexual histories into their marriages, and it seems to me that wringing our hands over the issue isn't going to help those struggling with the consequences in their relationships today. So what can be done about marriage difficulties that result from premarital sex? I have some suggestions that have helped others who've approached me about the issue.

The Sexually Satisfied Marriage
Marriage is like a tricycle. One of the back wheels is the mental (emotional) area in marriage, another back wheel is for the physical (sexual), and the front wheel, which is the leader, is for the spiritual aspects of the marriage. If one of these facets of marriage is missing, what is going to happen? The marriage is going to be unbalanced and topple over.

Throw Away Your Book On Sex Tips!
If you feel like your marriage is lacking something, it takes more than breaking out your book on sex tips to get things really going.

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