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The Advantages of having a Karahi Stand service

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Author: Grace Kwong

There are many different food service options available to couples organising indian catering. The most formal is the Silver service where guests are served individually plated courses by service staff direct to their tables, this does entail actually finding out meal choices prior to the day itself. A less formal option is the Buffet Service where guests can help themselves to the menu items and are free to choose their own food. By far the most popular choice with Asian wedding catering is the Karahi Stand Service, a perfect combination of both these service methods.

The Karahi Stand allows many different dishes to be served simultaneously on each table. Rather than guests waiting in a buffet queue with a plate on which they pile on as much food as possible so they don't have to queue up again, the Karahi Stand is very much an individual buffet stand for each table. Guests not only have the pleasure of being served the whole menu at their respective tables but also the freedom of helping themselves as and when they please. The stand allows non-vegetarian and vegetarian items to be served direct to the table without any form of cross contamination. Asian weddings are usually very large affairs especially in terms of the number of guests and this service method is the ideal solution. It has proved very popular indeed with Asian wedding catering over the last 15 years.

The Karahi Stand is placed at the centre of the table and the traditional steel or copper and brass ones will usually have two tiers, with rings for four karahi bowls on each tier. This means that up to eight food items can be served at one time, and with the variety of Indian dishes on offer, this is perfect for the provision of a well thought out menu for wedding guests. The tiers actually rotate allowing guests to easily reach the karahi bowls and enjoy the delights on offer. It also means that service staff can reach the bowls very easily and replenish the products as and when required. It is recommended that prospective couples looking for asian caterers to actually view the food service equipment that will be used on the day itself. Different indian caterers use different styles of equipment, look out for the finish of the stand itself, the rotating mechanism, depth of the actual bowls and whether any kind of decor or theming ideas can be incorporated. Reputable Indian caterers will have deep bowls which allow generous portions of food to be served to each table and also provide tealights which sit under each bowl to retain food temperature whilst guests are enjoying the food at the dining table.

The Karahi Stand usually has a candleabra at the top, this can be decorated with candles and/or flowers. These can match the theme of the day if preferred. Very often there is space for three smokeless, non-drip candles on the candleabra, the middle candle can be removed to make space for a floral arrangement in keeping with the chosen colour scheme.

For more information on the traditional Karahi Stand service and the exclusive Crystal Stand service, please contact Curry Special Ltd on 020 8518 3003.

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