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The Benefits of Titanium Rings

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Author: Eric Morris

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Titanium is an elemental metal with a wide variety of uses. Since its accidental discovery in 1791, titanium has been used to make aircraft, sporting goods such as golf clubs, automobile parts, watches, and rings. While titanium rings may not be as widespread as gold or platinum rings, they have many advantages. Titanium rings are durable, lightweight, strong, 100% hypoallergenic, and affordable. Titanium is stronger than steel and keeps its shape better than most metals used to make rings. It is also lighter and more comfortable to wear than gold or platinum.

Titanium is biocompatible with all human skin and will not cause any irritations like rashes or discolorations. Another advantage of titanium is that it does not rust, corrode, or lose its color. Since titanium is not a precious metal like gold, silver, or platinum, the cost of a titanium ring is lower than rings made of those materials. The price of a titanium ring can start at around $70 for a basic design. There are different grades of titanium, from aircraft grade, which is the strongest and most durable, to pure commercial titanium, which is less strong. Since jewelry is meant to be long lasting, most manufacturers use higher grades of titanium for their products. Most titanium rings can be engraved and many are available in different colors.

There are many types of titanium rings available for several different uses and occasions. Titanium wedding rings can be a unique alternative to more traditional gold wedding rings. Instead of a standard engagement ring, adventurous shoppers can choose one made of titanium. Many men buy titanium rings because they can look more masculine than most jewelry and come in colors like black. Since titanium is so durable and strong, titanium rings can be customized in many different ways. Titanium promise rings are also available, giving buyers more options.

Titanium Rings Info provides detailed information about titanium wedding, engagement and promise rings, as custom, black, and men's titanium rings. Titanium Rings Info is the sister site of Mens Wedding Rings Web.

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