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The Ideal Proposal: Buy and Send Flowers Online

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Author: Josh Grossman

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Ever notice how many engagement proposals involve giving flowers? No doubt flowers' timeless appeal make them an easy choice. When you send flowers, it's sure to be the perfect complement whenever and however you plan to pop the question. Nowadays its even easier to have fresh flowers present, since you can buy and send flowers online.

Women love flowers and men have been giving women flowers when they propose since the beginning of time. Even outlandish proposals seem to always come back to flowers. A friend of mine cooked a romantic dinner for his girlfriend and served it on the terrace of his apartment. On the hillside across from his apartment, his friends got together and helped him make a display which read "Karen, will you marry me?" It was in huge letters all made of lights, like an enormous Lite Brite. He called us on his cell phone to let us know he would be ready in three minutes for the light show. When he came back to the dinner table he said "Honey, check this out." As she looked over, we hit the power for the lights. When she looked back over at him astonished and crying, he was on one knee, roses in one hand and a ring in the other. No doubt the experience was enhanced by the fresh flowers.

Admittedly, not every proposal story can be as creative or romantic, but no matter how you plan to pop the question, flowers can be an easy way to enhance the moment. A new flower gift from online florist Beyond Blossoms ( even lets you send fresh flowers specifically for your proposal. With the Perfect Proposal package, the company lets you easily send flowers to yourself so you can have them ready for the big moment. The package consists of a bouquet of fresh flowers (roses, asters, and berries) along with a mini-pressed flower kit so your significant other can cherish the flowers forever.

No matter how the proposal comes about, flowers convey emotions that words can't express. They help to complete the moment. And, in a subtle way, flowers help the girl move that much closer to "Yes!"

Josh Grossman is co-owner of Send flowers in the US that are farm fresh. When you buy flowers from Beyond Blossoms get low prices on fresh flowers such as roses, lilies, carnations, sunflowers, and more.

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