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The most popular non-vegetarian Indian Catering dishes

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Author: Grace

Indian Catering is enjoying ever-increasing popularity in the UK, this is not surprising when the Chicken Tikka Masala has been voted one of the nations favourite foods. Indian food is well established in this country and the Indian catering industry is flourishing. All Indian caterers, provided they are not purely vegetarian caterers, will have a huge selection of non-vegetarian items on their banqueting menus. However despite the huge variety and diversity of Indian cuisine, a few party favourites remain at the top, also popular with those who are not of Asian origin. Individuals looking to book an Indian catering company will possibly be catering for hundreds of guests, it is important to bear in mind that the items on the menu have to have universal appeal rather than be personal favourites of the host. Here we summarise the most requested non vegetarian Indian Catering dishes.

Without a doubt, a typical meat starter menu will consist of Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebabs. These dishes are prepared to the spice level specified by the client and can be enjoyed by young or old. These items are ideal for canapés as they are perfect as bite size accompaniments to reception drinks. For those who prefer meat on the bone, the succulent and juicy Tandoori Chicken is an all time favourite. Served with a crisp salad and mint chutney, the Tandoori Chicken pieces are marinated in yoghurt and a special blend of fresh garlic, ginger and dried spices and then roasted in the traditional Tandoor (clay oven).

One of the most popular Indian catering non-vegetarian main course dishes is probably Makhani Chicken, sometimes called Butter Chicken. This mildly spiced, creamy curry can be a welcome alternative to a more spicy lamb dish on the menu. Methi Chicken, a chicken curry made using fresh fenugreek leaves is fast becoming a favourite on the Curry Special Indian catering menu. Clients booking a non-vegetarian Indian catering menu will 99.9% have a chicken and a lamb item on the menu as not all meat eaters eat red meat. Speaking of lamb, Karahi Gosht ( a lamb curry cooked with onions and peppers) is firmly in the top 3 requested lamb dishes. Along with Masala Lamb and Masala Lamb Chops, clients usually pick one of the three according to whether they prefer meat off the bone to rather than on the bone and whether they prefer a lamb curry with vegetables or not. Although Masala Lamb Chops can be a little messy to eat, it is a delicious and substantial main course dish and is always well received. These traditional favourites have stood the test of time and remain the most popular non-vegetarian Indian catering dishes.

For further information on Indian catering menus please contact Curry Special Ltd on 020 8518 3003.

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