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The Wedding Book

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Author: Glenda Erceg

Article source: Used with author's permission.

If you are planning a wedding you will need the "wedding book." No bride should be without this special piece of equipment. In fact, it is often the first thing the bride-to-be purchases.

Why a wedding book you ask? The wedding book will help you keep track of everything and I do mean everything!

Wedding planning means attention to detail. With the wedding book in hand the wedding planning will go more smoothly.

Start by choosing the right kind of wedding book for you. There are actual wedding binders and books made specifically for wedding planning. You can use a system of file folders or a notebook with pockets.

Next, you begin collecting all kinds of useful wedding information. You can make lists of things to do, phone numbers of caterers, florists, musicians and photographers. Be on the lookout for articles and photos of wedding dresses, cakes, floral arrangements and rings.

You will create a section in the wedding planner for each area you need to have covered. Wedding planning is much easier when you have every section at your fingertips for reference.

As you make phone calls and collect information you just put that bit of information in the appropriate section. You will be able to compare photos of wedding dresses, reception venues and hair styles. You will also have a place to keep records of your expenses and contracts.

Be sure to have a calendar and month by month list of things that need to be done. This will help keep your wedding planning on track.

Wedding planning will seem quite easy when you have an organized system. Take the wedding book or binder with you everywhere and wedding planning will seem quite effortless.

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