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Throwing a Las Vegas Garden Wedding

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Author: Kevin Stith

Article source: Used with author's permission.

You may not think of Las Vegas as an area known for its gardens but you'd be wrong. There are more gardens in and around Las Vegas than you'd think possible given the desert environment, the heat and the crowds of tourists that never stop coming. There are gardens inside in some of the most unlikely places and there are outside gardens that will make you forget you're in the desert.

Try The Garden of Love for an interior chapel filled with live plants, waterfalls and even some birds for that natural feel. Try a desert garden of natural rock outcroppings in Red Rock Canyon a mere thirty minute ride from the Las Vegas Strip by limousine. You won't believe the natural wonder as you take your wedding vows in one of the most beautiful natural desert gardens in the world. Or drive a little further into the Valley of Fire for a setting used by hundreds of western movies over the years.

For interior, jungle-like gardens, check out the wedding facilities at the Mirage, the Bellagio or the Monte Carlo hotels on the strip. You'll forget where you are as the trees, plants and vines of the jungle, transported thousands of miles to Las Vegas hotels, whisks both bride and groom away to a dream world unlike any other on the planet. Whatever your garden desires, inside or outside, natural or created, desert or jungle, it can be found at many locations in and around Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Weddings Info provides detailed information on Las Vegas wedding chapels, packages and receptions, as well as garden, helicopter, casino, hotel, Elvis and other Las Vegas theme weddings. Las Vegas Weddings Info is the sister site of Maui Weddings Web.

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