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Tips For Making Wonderful Personalized Wedding Favors

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Author: Shaunta Pleasant

Article source: Used with author's permission.

One area of wedding planning that stumps many a bride to be is how to choose the perfect favors for the wedding guests. The favors used at a wedding reception are a lasting memento of a very special day, so it is important to choose them with care.

There are many ways to make wedding favors special and memorable, and one of the best is to create personalized wedding favors for each guest.

== Personalized Wedding Favors Shows The Guest How Much They Are Appreciated ==

There are many types of wedding favors that lend themselves to personalization, and virtually any kind of wedding favor can be personalized.

Personalizing the wedding favors for each guest is a great way to show them how much their presence is appreciated, and how much they are loved.

== Personalized Favors For Each Guest ==

In addition, personalizing and customizing each wedding favor is a great way to incorporate favorite foods or other items into each favor. For instance, if your mother in law loves fine tea, you may want to create a special decorated tin of her favorite teas just for her.

If your father loves dark chocolate, why not create a special tin filled with the finest dark chocolate from around the world?

== Personalized Favors For Small Wedding ==

As you can see, the possibilities for personalizing wedding favors are virtually endless, and how far you take this personalization is up to you.

Obviously small, intimate weddings lend themselves to the personalized wedding favors approach more than do large weddings where hundreds of people may attend, including some you may not have met before.

== Personalized Favors For Large Wedding ==

Even at a large wedding, however, you may want to provide personalized wedding favors for your immediate family members and closest friends. This kind of special touch will certainly be appreciated, and it will help your guests remember your wedding day fondly for years to come.

If you are planning to personalize your wedding favors, whether you plan to personalize one favor or several hundred, it is important to order them early enough and to give yourself plenty of time to do the personalization.

If you are like most people planning a wedding, you will be short on time and long on things to do, so it is important to have the wedding favors available in plenty of time so that the personalized ones can be ready for the big day.

Shaunta Pleasant is a professional writer and editor on wedding planning topics. Visit my site to learn more about planning the perfect wedding at

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