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Types of Wedding Salwar Suits

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Author: alorawhite

There was a time, when brides had to wear sarees and lehengas on the most important day of their life. Now, more and more brides are wearing salwar suits on this auspicious occasion. They have discovered that wearing this stylish Indian attire is comfortable as well as fun. There's a lot that can be done in case of Wedding Salwar Suit.

Most of the renowned designers understand the importance of Wedding Salwar Suit and are launching new collections for the young to be brides. The fact that one can experiment with the cuts and fabrics in case of this attire makes it a hit amongst the young brides.

The importance of this suit can be determined by the fact that all leading designer houses are launching their own collection of designer Salwars. All eminent designers are walking up to the potential in the Wedding Salwar Suit market and making the most of it.

There are various types of Salwar designs available. The most famous amongst all the attire is the Anarkali Cut Suits. These outfits are made with extra flare that complement the Indian body type and makes one look sleeker and thinner than others. The Anarkali cut Salwar suits is influenced and inspired by the Pakistani designers and the Moghul era. Rich and vibrant fabrics like velvet and silk are mixed and matched to create the most amazing costumes. The fact, that Anarkali Salwar cling on to the waist and then flare downwards makes them accentuate the Indian body type.

Apart from these, the other type of Salwar that young brides crave for is the famous Punjab inspired patialla cut. This outfit comes with flared pants and tight fit figure hugging Kurta. A perfect blend of tradition along with modern cuts. Many young brides are known to actually opt for this as they know that this will perfect suit their body type and occasion.

To complete this costume, dupattas are adorned over the head to complete the look of a demure bride. The dupatta is heavily embellished and is generally in contrast color to the Salwar, so that it catches the eye and makes the bride stand out from the rest.

Browse through online Indian bridal stores or Indian saree stores, you will come across beautiful Salwar Suits and other popular Indian attire like Sarees, in a variety of pattern and design. Some of famous sarees are Bollywood Saree, the attire adorned by leading ladies on silver screen; Part Wear Sarees to grace any occasion; especially designed Bridal Sarees and Bridal Lehengas for wedding and many more.

Indian Wedding Sarees are launching new collection of Indian Salwar Kameez.

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