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Want to Get Married in Las Vegas?

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Author: Kevin Stith

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Only in Las Vegas can you find everything for your wedding from the most lavish, private accommodations in the world to down and dirty Elvis impersonators, drag queens and scantily clad serving wenches sharing your wedding day. Choose from a church, a golf course, a casino, or any one of dozens of wild theme weddings, from the merely eclectic to the decidedly weird.

Better yet, get married during a heavyweight prizefight, a rock concert, a magic show or a medieval battle complete with fireworks and scantily clad serving girls. Las Vegas weddings mean you can let your imagination run wild, limited only by who you know, how much fun you want to have on your wedding day and how much money you want to spend.

In Las Vegas, you can get married for the price of a license, a small fee for a chapel, a witness and a minister at one of many posh sites. Choose the same place and minister as any one of hundreds of celebrities who chose Las Vegas weddings as their place to say "I Do". Or be completely original and design your own special day from top to bottom - pick a singing minister, place a wager on the outcome, hire a four star chef and let your wildest dreams come true. From the desert to Lake Las Vegas, from the churches of God to the glistening towers of sin, from the simple to the simply sublime you really can get anything you want at a Las Vegas wedding!

Las Vegas Weddings Info provides detailed information on Las Vegas wedding chapels, packages and receptions, as well as garden, helicopter, casino, hotel, Elvis and other Las Vegas theme weddings. Las Vegas Weddings Info is the sister site of Maui Weddings Web.

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