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Wedding and Grooms Cake

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The rich fruit cake that we now regard as a traditional wedding cake has evolved over many centuries. Originally a lighter fruited cake, the bride cake, was baked for the bride's engagement and what is currently known as the wedding cake used to be known as the groom's cake.

The groom would give this cake to his guests and by sharing the cake with them, was also asking them to share his hopes for prosperity and good luck. The first record of ornate sugar work on a cake was by an Italian confectioner in the early 1700s.

The cake is probably the second most photographed part of a wedding and it makes sense to choose a professionally qualified confectioner to make your cake. After all, special occasions demand special cakes and a good creative confectioner can make any cake you want. Your cake can be ordered well in advance, but should definitely be ordered 6 months before the wedding. You will need to supply details of the number of guests, the bride's dress colour, the bridesmaid's dress colour and the colour of the flowers if there are to be flower decorations on the cake. A deposit will be payable when ordering your cake. Most confectioners will deliver and set up your cake for a modest charge, ensuring peace of mind on the day.

Many couples worry about cutting their cake - after the initial marking of the cake by the bride and groom (which stems from an ancient Greek custom where a couple shared a sesame seed cake to ensure theirs would be a fruitful marriage) the caterers will cut up the cake for you. No-one is really sure where the tradition of keeping the top tier of a wedding cake, to use as a christening cake began. If you wish to keep a tier of your cake. place the cake in its uncut state in the original white cardboard box it was supplied in and cover it with the lid.

Placed somewhere cool it will keep for several years. Do not place in an air tight container or freeze it.

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