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Wedding Cakes

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Organising wedding catering on a tight budget
special day runs as smoothly as possible, whether they are catering for a wedding breakfast, a buffet style service or a grand reception

Wedding and Grooms Cake
The rich fruit cake that we now regard as a traditional wedding cake has evolved over many centuries. Originally a lighter fruited cake, the bride cake, was baked for the bride's engagement and what is currently known as the wedding cake used to be known as the groom's cake.

Wedding Cakes and Baking Terminology
When you speak with bakers, they may 'blind you with science' regarding the terminology they use in relation to baking so here are a few terms that may take some of the mystery out of baking techniques:

Wedding Cake Traditions
Your wedding cake is a showpiece at your event. The traditional wedding cake is a three- tiered confection with white icing, and usually with a miniature Bride and Groom Cake Topper placed on top and decorated with real or edible flowers. However, wedding cake designers today are much more creative and allow a more personal expression of style. They now come in a variety of shapes, flavours and ornate decorations.

How to Lower a Wedding Cake Price
Have you wondered why wedding cakes costs hit the roof? Why do they cost so much? You will be amazed to know that the prices could touch $15 per person or more?

Wedding Cake Design Through History
Have you selected your wedding cake for your special day? Do you know what the wedding cake represents? Here are some interesting tidbits about the history of the wedding cake and some helpful resources in selecting your cake.

Tips for Choosing the Wedding Cake
The job of choosing the right wedding cake style is the responsibility of both the future bride and groom. The style of cake you'll choose will largely depend on the wedding theme and the size of the wedding. You'll want to be sure your cake is large enough for all attending guests to receive a piece...

Beach Wedding Cakes
When it comes to wedding cakes, long gone are the days of following tradition. So... let's stray from the "norm" and be adventurous!

A Look at Maui Wedding Cakes
Since Maui and Hawaii in general have been blessed with the most wonderful fruits and flowers, the best cakes on the island tend to take advantage of them.

Wedding Cake Toppers
When deciding on a topper for your wedding cake, try to find something unusual or one of a kind. The kind of wedding you are having, is a guide to the type of wedding cake topper you should select. If you are having a very formal affair, a topper with puppies dressed like a bride and groom, probably wouldn't work.

Let Them Eat Cake -- Just Not at Your Wedding
Weddings these days are about personal choice and individuality. No matter what Aunt Phyllis says, you don't need a wedding cake unless you want one. Here are some crowd-pleasing alternatives...

How To Choose Your Wedding Cake
One of my favorite parts about the wedding, is the cake. Over time many things have changed with weddings, but one thing that stays the same, there is always a beautiful cake.

Wedding Cake - Bakery Tips
These tips will help you with ordering your wedding cake.

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