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The 12 Steps to Creating Divorce-Proof Marriages
Twelve tips to help you attain an everlasting marriage.

Marriage Tips: Fifteen Ways to Say “I Love You” in 3 Minutes or Less
To keep romance alive and nurture the intimacy in your marriage, you'll want to know a number of ways to express your feelings to your spouse. Little expressions of love and appreciation add up over time and can help ensure that your relationship will keep its special sparkle and glow. Here are fifteen ways to say "I love you" that you can easily implement even during a busy work week.

Marriage Advice: Ten Ways to Add Romance to Your Marriage
Every marriage needs a healthy dose of on-going romance to add spice, delight, and fun to the relationship. It's not enough to just start out with a sizzling romance. You have to find a way to keep the romance alive as the months and years accumulate. Here are ten tips to help you sprinkle romance into your marriage.

Infidelity: How “My Marriage Made Me Do It” is a Cop-out
Learn what it really means when your partner says, "I'm having an affair because we have a lousy marriage."

Marriage Advice: Ten Danger Signals to Watch for in Your Marriage
Do you know the ten danger signals that indicate possible problems in a marriage? It pays to be attentive and vigilent if you want to have a healthy relationship. Since the majority of the communication between spouses is non-verbal, it's important to pay attention to much more than just a spouse's actual words. This article lists ten behaviors to watch for that can help you to head off trouble in your marriage before problems become more serious.

Does Your Marriage Suffer from an Attention Shortage?
Years ago when I was working in a mental health center, I served on a committee that was redesigning the communications systems. In one meeting, a committee member named Susan said, "The receptionists sound frantic when they answer the phone. They need to learn to give each caller their complete attention, even when they're multi-tasking."

Saving Marriage After Adultery
Do you want your marriage nursed back to health? If you want your marriage restored it will take some effort on your part. Stop peering over the fence at your neighbor, and put your eyes back in your own yard where they belong.

Marriage Is a Long Conversation!
Romance, passion, and beauty all fade away with time. The most important aspect of a good marriage is a solid friendship and good conversation. Don't toss away a good thing.

Just Married- Take Some Vacation Marriage Advice
So you're just married, and you think that after your honeymoon, that's it for luxurious vacations right? As a married couple you've now got your mortgage to think about, car payments, utilities, saving for children if you plan to have them, insurance, credit card debt and then there's everyday expenses like food. With all those expenses how could you ever think about a vacation again as a married couple, well you can!

Money Management for Those Just Married
So what happens if you marry a spender, but you have been a saver your whole life? A lot of just married couples run into this type of situation once they open a joint bank account. However money management is possible, you just need to set up a compromised budget.

A Healthy Marriage Relies on Gods Indisputable Truths
A healthy marriage always relies on the foundation of honesty, trust, honor, respect and commitment. These undisputable truths are found in the bible. What is undisputable truths? God designed marriage to be indissoluble. The only disclaimer for marriage is if there is physical violence and any kind of abuse to a spouse. The latter is debatable, but God's indisputable truths is not. In other words, these are not my opinions or beliefs, but God's.

Marriage Saving Advice: Have a Soul Connection with Your Spouse Even If All Seems Lost
Is your marriage a little lackluster lately? This article presents concrete ideas to help married couples restore the soul connection they once had and save their marriages.

What Has Worked For Us (Brief Reflections On Enjoying 36 Years Of Marriage)
We are not perfect, we don't agree on all things, and we still work through issues even after being married for nearly thirty-six years.

Marriage Advice: What to Throw Overboard When Your Marriage Is In Trouble
When your marriage is in trouble and you're fighting to keep it afloat, it's time to throw anything that isn't helping you overboard. You need all your wits about you to be able to handle the crisis and tackle the problems. Anything that's an impediment or hindrance has to go. What do you need to consider throwing overboard? The eight recommendations in this article can help you to decide.

Marriage Advice: Eight Steps to Marital Harmony
The formula for marital harmony and success is not a mysterious secret. It's actually very straightforward. The eight steps in this article will guide you in looking at what you can do to increase your chances for creating a happy, harmonious marriage.

The Most Important Things In Marriage
When it comes to marriage, there are things that you are responsible for doing that are so important to the marriage's success. But, we could list an endless list of these things. Instead, though, let's talk about those things that are most important in marriage.

Marriage Advice: Twelve Steps to Creating an Affair-Proof Marriage
There's no way to absolutely guarantee that your marriage won't be blindsided by an affair on your part or your spouse's, but there are definite steps you can take to greatly reduce the probability. So what can you do to "affair proof" your marriage as much as possible? This article presents twelve steps that will guide you in building a stronger marriage partnership and help you and your spouse to withstand the lusty lure of temptation.

Extreme Age Differences In Marriage Can Lead To Infidelity
Extreme age differences in a marriage or relationship can be a contributing factor to infidelity; particularly if the woman is considerably older than the man.

Seven Ways to Survive a Remodel (And Save Your Marriage) Tips from Pisa Design, Inc
Remodels are tough on everyone. Humorous but practical tips from interior design professionals who see families and couples through the remodel process many time per year are shared.

Building Up Your Marriage with Healthy Communication
Would you like to have a stronger, healthier, more enjoyable marriage? I am sure that you would. And yet we live in a culture where about half of all marriages will shatter and end in a divorce, leaving behind the wreckage of broken adults and broken children...

Building Your Marriage: Some Thoughts From St. Paul
These verses of Scripture from St. Paul are commonly used in Christian marriage ceremonies. They speak of the relationship between Christ and the Church in terms of the relationship between a husband and his wife. As beautiful as they are, they are also very misunderstood and misinterpreted. Look closely and see their wisdom for your marriage.

Business Partners & Marital Partners Will The Marriage Survive - Part II
In the last article, we concluded by saying that keeping your business and personal relationships separate is very important to the survival of both your business and your marriage. In this article we will talk about how to achieve this goal.

Business Partners & Marital Partners Will The Marriage Survive - Part I
With today's economy, and the layoffs occurring as a result of these economic conditions, more and more people are opting to start their own business. Due to the low start up costs, the prevalence of home-based businesses is on the rise, many of these started by husband and wife teams.

Considering Success in Marriage
When getting married, you should take a look at your true motivations and not just a romantic ideal. Here are 7 things to consider before getting married.

Marriage Counseling: How to Reduce Hurt Feelings When You and Your Spouse Disagree
One of the biggest on-going problems for couples is how to reduce the hurt feelings that can result from arguments and disagreements. The fall-out from a no-holds barred "kill your opponent" verbal altercation can last for decades. Here are ten guidelines to help you and your spouse develop ground rules to protect your relationship when you disagree.

Marriage Counseling: What Do Wives Really Want in a Husband? Part One
Numerous men have pondered the questions, "Why does my wife say she's unhappy? What does she want that I'm not doing?" Many of the men raising these questions have been blindsided by a wife's confession that she's not happy in the marriage and wants a separation or divorce. Learn what wives really want in a husband and how that's different from past generations.

Marriage Counseling: What Do Wives Really Want in a Husband? Part Two
Most wives want both a soulmate who they feel deeply connected to and emotional support and intimacy. This means that they want a husband who will talk about his feelings and who values having an emotional connection. So what's a husband who has neglected this important area of marriage to do? The following five steps offer guidance and specific suggestions.

Marriage Counseling: What Do Husbands Really Want in a Wife?
A Wife is often shocked when her husband actually voices his desire to separate or divorce. She might have suspected that he wasn't entirely happy, but she didn't think he'd ever be the one to end the marriage. To better understand what husbands want, let's examine five priorities men have shared with me in marriage counseling sessions.

Marriage Counseling: What to Do When a Spouse Flirts Too Much
Flirting on the part of a spouse causes marriage problems for numerous couples. And it can at times be difficult to distinguish between a spouse with an extraverted personality who just naturally likes to joke and kid around versus the partner who is continually "on the make." This article presents basic reasons spouses flirt and gives tips on what to do.

Tips For A Lasting Marriage
A lasting marriage requires effort, but the results are worth it. Find out how to make your marriage last.

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