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Restore Your Marriage - 5 Ways to Feel Connected to Your Spouse Even on Opposite Schedules
Many married couples today both work full time jobs outside the home, often on opposite schedules. It's no wonder why it's so hard these days for a married couple to share a strong relationship. If you feel your marriage is lacking, check out the following advice to improve or even save your marriage!

Improve Your Marriage With Better Communication
Communication plays one of the most important roles in any type of relationship whether a professional association or a more intimate bond such as marriage. Many of these relationships don't develop into their full potential because the communication link is missing or weak. If you're looking to save your marriage or connect with your marriage partner on a deeper level, the following advice may give you a new perspective that can help your marriage grow into the relationship you've always wanted.

Give-and Take: Recipe for Success in Marriage?
Why so-called marriage "partners" often miss the point - and never find the real road to happiness.

Keeping A Marriage Romantic
To keep a marriage romantic, pay attention to what makes your life together happy and worthwhile.

Marriage Missing its Spark?
Here are some sure-fire tips to spark passion in your relationship right now!

Is Conflict Healthy in Marriage?
How can you disagree with your spouse and maintain a happy balance in your marriage? Find ways to keep your relationship strong with this insightful article.

Women Sufferings and Infidelity
Infidelity is psychological syndrome created by attraction of the opposite, genetic and discontented behaviour, unrelenting sexual and emotional craving. Infidelity is an outcome of fading ambience, dislike, despair, humiliation, loneliness and etc. No adult person can escape the attraction of opposite sex, it influences our mind to admire and capitulate towards the quality.

Marriage Counseling: How to Get the Most Value for Your Time and Money
Marriage counseling is an investment of money, time, and energy that can give you and your spouse valuable lifelong benefits. The ten suggestions in this article can help you to get the most value from your marriage counseling experience.

Rich in Marriage, Rich in Life
Are you wondering why the ends never seem to meet? Maybe you just want to stop arguing about money with your spouse. This article offers strategies and inspiration for married couples who want to improve their marriage and financial fitness.

Which Came First, Love or Marriage?
A marriage article that delves into the difference between the infatuation that comes before marriage and the love that grows after it. Written to encourage, inspire and inform engaged couples, it offers a small glimpse into married life.

After Wedding Tips - Five Tips for a Great Marriage - (That Produces The Good Feelings That Last)
After the wedding. Five secrets of a great marriage from grandmother. Tips that produce the good feelings that last.

Eight Ways to Divorce Proof Your Marriage
All around, women are waging campaigns more extensive than the Battle of Normandy trying to obtain a mate: they take in all the literature, participate in seminars, attend séances, go on game shows, and fall for any number of Internet gimmicks all with hopes of nabbing a man. No suggestion is too far fetched as long as it produces the desired result. Unfortunately, once victory day arrives, the energy level that went into capturing him is not maintained to keep him.

Is Your Marriage Sinking?
This article compares a happy married life with two strong, equal and colorful pillars. It will help the readers to enjoy a happy married life and do away any problems with your spouse that may cause sinking of your marriage

Marriage Dreams When Fails!
Relation is successful as long as there is attraction between the partners. Attraction of actions, attentiveness, beauty, behaviour, caring nature, sexual satisfaction and etc, contribute to prolong relation. Activities to attract partner becomes slow and casual as involves in normal and daily responsibilities leads to escaping the second role.

5 Tips To Keep Marital Bliss Alive After You Retire!
Ample free time and drastic lifestyle changes can be a burden or a blessing for your marriage...

How To Be Happy In Your Marriage
A healthy marriage relies on the foundations of truth, honesty, honor, respect, and above all commitment. Couples don't have a problem staying married, that's the easy part! The difficult element of marriage is actually being happy and satisfied? Wouldn't you say?

Does 50-50 Chore-Splitting an Equal Marriage Make?
A look at marriage today and the balancing of responsibility to make it work.

8 Biblical Facts About Marriage
1. Marriage is God's design. Genesis 2 18-24

Saving Money as a Newlywed Team
As a newly wed couple, you may not always agree on things; however, when it comes to financial survival, the both of you will need to put your heads together and make some decisions with regard to money management.

Forgiveness in Marriage: 5 Biblical Aspects You Should Know
I talk a lot about forgiveness in marriage and relationships. Why? Because without forgiving those who have wronged us, we will never be able to forget the wrong either. And when I say, "forget", I mean in the sense that the wrong will never be brought up again to hurt or otherwise abuse our spouse with.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?
When considering marriage counseling, it's difficult not to wonder whether seeing a marriage counselor will actually work. This article provides some objective information based on data obtained from a national survey of marriage and family counselors and their clients.

Assertiveness in Marriage
Anyone can be assertive but it involves practice. You can't just one day say, "Hey I'm going to be assertive today." You have to realize the times when you need to be assertive and practice it. In marriage there are many times when we need to be assertive with our spouse. We may need to let them know how we FEEL for instance. Being assertive is good for marriage. I'll tell you why.

Marriage and Retirement – Do They Mix?
Have you thought what retirement will do to your marriage? If one is still working while the other is retired, how will that work? If both are retired, will you get on each others nerves?

Infidelity Excuse: I Fell Out Of Love...And Just Love Being In Love
Discover the eight key points to consider when a betraying partner says, "I fell out of love with you."

Romance in Marriage Begins in the Mind
The most powerful romance doesn't begin with physical action, but rather with mental contemplation and expectation. It starts with a simple idea or fantasy that develops into closer intimacy between two connected partners. Having a satisfying romantic relationship with your husband or wife takes...

Does the Arranged Marriage Work?
Can arranged marriages really work? And does love remain an arranged marriage?

Trust in Marriage
Trust in marriage is a must as if you do not trust each other in marriage then you will never trust each other at all. When you trust one another you are expected to be honest with each other & rely on each others trust. If you do not trust one another then you will end up lying to each other and this can often cause many arguments and rows between couples. Once mis-trust or deceit sets in things can go seriously wrong and life can become unbearable.

Can a Marital Separation Ever Save a Marriage?
As an experienced counselor, one of the questions I'm asked frequently is, "Can a marital separation ever save a marriage?" My answer is a qualified "yes." In this article, I explain why a separation may help in certain situations. Also, specific tips are offered for those thinking of separating from a spouse.

Prescription for a Happy Marriage
Prescription for a happy marriage: one cup of tea or coffee, to be taken each morning before rising.

3 Little Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Marriage
This article discusses three areas that can lead to divorce if left unchecked. By being sensitive to these areas, and avoiding their damaging effects, a marriage can remain strong and vital.

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