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The 5 Secrets of KEEPING Your Husband in Love With You
This article gives tips on how to keep our marriage relationship strong. It provides 5 simple ideas that will help you keep from fall into a boring routine, defending against affairs, maintaining a healthy sex life, defending against being critical, and spending regular, quality time with our husband.

7 Secrets of a Happy Marriage
Article about Marriage.

Seeing A Marriage Counselor Is Not Admitting Defeat... Its Admitting There Is Hope
This article discusses the importance of getting marriage counseling sooner rather than later. It delves into the need for both partners to be comfortable with the process and that group counseling may be easier starting point.

Do You Make These 3 Common Mistakes In Your Marriage?
This article discusses 3 traps that marriage relationships can fall into. Learn how to avoid these traps and experience a relationship with more depth and intensity that you had ever imagined.

How A New Discovery Can Make A Luke-Warm Marriage HOT
This article helps you learn how expressing your physical and emotional needs, along with regular physical touch, can heat up your marriage relationship.

Why Do Women Cheat?
Women can be unfaithful in relationships due to the pain of loneliness, revenge because of betrayal of a partner cheating, or seeking attention and admiration due to poor self-esteem. These reasons do not justify the behavior but help us to understand it and find solutions.

Sermon On The Mount For Marriage
What do you think would happen with the husband and wife union if couples committed themselves dutifully to following the characteristics of the Sermon on the Mount? I think there would be way less divorce, how about you? Also, there would definitely be happier children in the household, wouldn't there?

Love and Romance - Tips for Married Couples
Real Love and romance are lacking in many relationships therefore the need for marriage enrichment is high. Simple things like taking your mate to her favourite movie or give him his favourite breakfast can contribute, so can many other internet resources...

Save Your Marriage From Boredom and Predictability
Save your marriage ditch the thoughts of divorce. Here are some relationship tips collected from various sites online. Keywords are surprise, gourmet meal and romantic moments.

How To Handle Your Marriage Problems
Handle Your Marriage problems by developing healthy relationships. Start a new tradition or have a weekend getaway. You'll get more tips online.

The Deceived Marriage: 6 Key Aspects For Rebuilding Trust
Did you know that trusting your spouse is one of the most important elements of marriage? Did you know that without the sacred bond of trust between a husband and a wife, the marriage will be unhappily discontented all the while it heads down the path to destruction? How can you live with someone day in and day out and not trust them? I think it is time we look at our selves, wouldn't you agree?

Emotional Infidelity: A KEY Tactic to Save the Marriage
Learn the one important technique to possibly save your marraige if your partner is having an emotional affair.

How to Avoid Destructive Dynamics in Your Marriage
When couples engage in controlling/controlled behavior they create a destructive dynamic that can inhibit the connection between them. Learn how to recognize these destructive dynamics and what to do about them.

Divorce Rate Plummets As More Americans Shack Up Instead of Getting Married
The rate of divorce is declining -- but it's not because couples are getting and staying married. They're actually postponing, choosing not to, or are legally unable to get married.

Relationship Advice: A Map for Your Marriage
It's truly amazing how some folks will spend more time planning a two-week vacation than they do planning how they would like their marriage relationship to be. Learn how to create a map for your relationship journey.

Before You Begin Marriage Counseling, Ask This Question
There's an important question that you need to ask the marriage counselor you and your spouse are considering using. The question itself may surprise you, as well as the answer your potential counselor gives. It's an often-overlooked question that hardly anyone ever talks about. But the answer to this important question could save you time, money, and energy spent with the wrong therapist.

Secrets of a Happy Marriage a group last year, in the midst of a huge discussion about the perils and pitfalls of marriage one of the group members said,

10 Valentines Day Tips for Spouses Who Want to Improve Their Marriage
To give yourself and your spouse an unforgettable Valentine's gift with far-reaching implications, follow these ten steps. Valentine's Day candy is soon gone, but the postive effect of these tips on your marriage can be enjoyed year round.

How to Nurture Intimacy When Youre in a Long-Distance Marriage
Spouses in a long-distance marriage can stay connected if they are creative and willing to experiment. These tips will help you to keep and deepen that special bond of intimacy you treasure with your partner.

Enhancing Communication in Marriage
Communication breakdowns in a marriage lead to anger and misunderstandings. If you're guilty of any of the ten communication-blocking behaviors listed in this article, it's time to make a change.

The High Cost of Resentment and Anger in Marriage
Couples who become mired in anger and resentment end up hurting themselves, each other, and their marriage. Because you can't create a peaceful marriage until you have inner peace yourself, the solution lies in letting go of resentment and practicing forgiveness.

Marriage Tips: Breathe Your Way to a Happier Marriage
One way to increase your chances of enjoying a happy marriage is to remember to breathe deeply. Does this sound strange? That's because breathing isn't usually tied in with marital happiness unless someone cracks a joke about the "heavy breathing" associated with sex. This article gives the benefits of deep breathing as well as four simple breathing exercises you can work into your daily life to help you relax and cope better with stress and relationship challenges.

Help Your Marriage Survive The Rough Spots
Every marriage has its ups and downs. Here are some tips to help get through those difficult times and come out with a stronger, healthier marriage.

Inside Secrets On How To Stay In Love
Love it or hate it. Love is here to stay. Do you still have the same feelings as when you first fell in love? Or has your relationship gone stale? See how do you can keep your love growing and alive!

How Optimism can Help or Hurt Your Marriage
Beth and Tom were happily married for over 25 years - no small feat in today's world. At first, their friends could not understand how their marriage succeeded, due to numerous perceived shortcomings...

The Marriage Test
Love should not blind a couple to the realities of their legal status of husband and wife, for they are bound by an unwritten contract of marriage governed by the laws of the federal government, the ...

How To Keep Love Alive In Your Marriage
In the beginning of a relationship, love seems to have a life of its own. Without much effort, you feel like you are on top of the world. You catch yourself smiling and laughing often, and feeling ...

How To Fight Cultural Differences In Marriage And Stay Happy
When people plan to marry, they expect to find in their partner not only a lover but a friend also. A person with whom they can share their opinions, their emotions, thoughts and fears. In marriage...

How A Marriage Counseling Secret Can Save Your Marriage
By learning to understand and accept your unhappy spouse's discontent in your marriage, you set the stage for improving the relationship by making your spouse feel heard and respected.

Marriage Counseling Tips: 7 Ways to Handle Conflict in Marriage
How you handle conflict in your marriage offers a clue into how secure it is. You can improve the quality and strength of your relationship by following seven guidelines.

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