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How to Keep Hope Alive During a Marriage Crisis
During a marriage crisis, you can feel like your whole world is falling apart and all of your dreams are being shattered. Despite your fear and anxiety, it's up to you to keep hope alive, especially if you want to save your marriage and your spouse wants out. This article gives nine tips on how to keep hope alive and how to cope during this trying time of crisis.

Ten Beliefs That Can Contribute to an Unhappy Marriage
Have you ever wondered why your marriage isn't happier? At least part of the answer may lie in the words you use in your self-talk and in what you say to your spouse. What you believe, the lies you tell to yourself or to your spouse, and what you deny or rationalize will all affect your marriage intimacy and happiness. You are asked to read ten statements to see if you recognize yourself in any of them. If so, it's never too late to make positive changes.

Control Issues That Cause Marriage Problems
Control issues cause problems in many marriages. If you've ever been upset because your spouse does things differently than you do, or has different opinions, you've bumped up against some of your own personal control issues and triggers. This article presents three important points to consider when looking at the control issues in your own marriage.

How You Answer This Question Can Change Your Marriage
If you lost a letter your spouse gave you to mail, would you say "It got lost" or "I lost it"? Your answer to this question gives insight into your willingness to accept responsibility for your actions. As long as you look for reasons to avoid admitting you goofed, you're not being honest with yourself. And the resulting friction in your marriage can hurt your relationship with your spouse.

Are You Fully Present in Your Marriage?
When a spouse is physically present but mentally "out to lunch," the partner will feel the difference. In a marriage, intimacy is enhanced by feelings of connection and harmed when partners start feeling disconnected. One of the ways you can show respect and caring for your spouse is to give the gift of undivided attention. Follow the five tips presented to be more present in interactions with your spouse.

Marriage: Where is the Fairy Tale?
What happens to love after the honeymoon? Love changes and these changes go unnoticed until it is too late. Couples give up and are unwilling to spend the time necessary to resuscitate the love. It has become too easy and too common place to simply trade in your spouse and set out to find a new one. "Why invest time and energy in making it work?" I say, "Look beyond today and envision the payoff of tomorrow."

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