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Wedding Favor Gifts

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Author: Randy Wilson

Article source: Used with author's permission.

Wedding favor gifts are given out to each of the wedding reception guests as tokens of appreciation for their attendance to the special occasion. In order to make wedding party favors meaningful, the right choice has to be made on the type of wedding favor gifts. Of course, another consideration when selecting wedding favors would be the match between the wedding party favor and the wedding theme. This is important as the right wedding favor will help create lasting impressions.

Another consideration when selecting a wedding party favor would be the budget that you have and the number of guests that you are inviting to your reception. Of course, the most conventional type of wedding favor gift would be a small box of chocolates or mini candles wrapped in color wrappers. Corkscrews in little boxes are also fairly common as they can be used in the kitchen or as unique home decorations.

Wedding party favors should ideally be personalized with the names of the wedding couple for the purpose of reminding the guests of the wedding party that they attended. For instance, if you select a pair of chopsticks, you can have both your names carved on the chopsticks. This can also be done if you decide to give out mini photo frames and get your names painted at the back or sides of the frames.

In the case of wedding favor gifts that cannot be personalized, such as chocolates, tea bags, cigars or candles, wedding favor tags can be tied to each individual wedding party favor with dainty ribbons to accentuate. Essentially, a short romantic phrase can be included in the personalized wedding tags to commemorate the special occasion and also as a reflection of the love that the couple have for each other.

Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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