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7 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations
7 tips to save you money on your wedding invitations.

Bridal Shower Budget
Start your bridal shower plans by deciding on a budget. This will be a valuable time saver for you.

Wedding Planning: Prioritize to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget
So you're planning your wedding and a thousand decisions must be made! It can be an exciting, but tiring experience to pull off the wedding of your dreams, especially within your budget. The best way to evaluate how and where to allocate your wedding budget is to determine exactly what your priorities are.

Prenuptial Agreements: Protecting Your Financial Security
With the responsibility of marriage comes the forethought to the marriage. No, I'm not talking about rings and wedding receptions, I'm talking about financial security for both the parties involved. If you are one of these forward thinking people who are entering into marriage only after having secured a good career with a solid income and a secure financial portfolio, then you need to consider the other securities about marriage, as well.

Making a Budget For Your Wedding
Just the thought of all the expenses that come with a wedding, can really put a damper on the most important day of your life, especially when you need to work within a financial frame of X dollars. To avoid the stress of facing too many decisions all at once, try making a budget for your wedding.

How to Have a Dream Wedding on a Budget
No one wants to pay more than they have to for anything, especially something as costly as a wedding. And if you're like me, and you had to foot your own bill, then you certainly want to keep costs down. I was afraid it couldn't be done, especially since my husband and I live in one of the most expensive regions of the country. But my wedding is proof that it can be done, and here's how:

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